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  1. storeroom...led goes off when light is on took me 2 hours to change this alone... 4 gangs switch is too expensive, and cable too messy...decided not to change at all.
  2. master toilet kitchen living room very hard to replace storeroom
  3. hi, very long nv come back here to update anything. I've just recently changed my light switches to big button types. took me 6hours, but i quite like the change! the old switches! bedroom 1 bedroom 2 living room master bedroom
  4. Is this bigger ? We are getting rid of some items in the list. Very shocked about the price too.
  5. Hi guys i just got the quotation from my interior designer. Just wondering if anyone of you can give me advice on this. Thanks Page one of quotation
  6. any help on getting rid of mosquitoes??..burnt kambongyan and mosquito coil + a liquid vaporizer that connects to electric but still a lot of mossies. the "blue light lamp" got use or not huH? now waiting for nea to arrange appt to come inspect.
  7. air bubbles on wall normally is the paint cannot stick well to the cement. so if just air bubbles, what i do is to scrape off all the paint that can be scraped, then apply wall putty. if not flushed with the wall, then apply another coat of wall putty. after it dry, sand it smooth. then apply a few coats of paint to cover up. if bubble contains water, means outside the cement got cracks liao so water seeps in when rain. if that happens, call up ur town council to patch up the crack, den scrape off the paint and apply wall putty.
  8. so big a scratch sure can see la... let him do his stuffs..he never rectify den dun agree to the handover loh. think most prob the tile got to change, but no problem with that as tilers can change tiles quite professionally. i have a few tiles oso retile, cant even tell the difference.
  9. Yes i agree. i live in the same area but on Yung An road opp CC. i think the killer for me is the CC, my god the events they had all goes well into the night on the weekends. Dunno why this CC very happening.
  10. one more update. my curtains are finally done, after 1 mth of moving in. cos very lazy to go and look for curtain. cedric did it for me, and the effect is rather nice. my living rm wooden venetian blind bedroom 1 curtains bedroom 2 curtains my wife's friend bought this for us during her trip to japan, finally i found enough materials to hang this up at our kitchen doorway. BUT the hangers gave way this morning. haiz not sticky enough. think got to either nail or put more hangers.