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  1. Due to a schedule conflict, I now have a 1GB (Data only) SIM for use in Japan. This is a nano-SIM meant for iPhone and it can only be activated in Japan. Expiry date is end Jan 2016. Paid $43 for it and I'm selling for only $30. SMS 9040 9028.
  2. Yup, I'm looking for KDK fans as well - Please send the contact to my mobile - 8128 5233. Thanks a million!
  3. Okay, already DIY - Not so difficult if you get the technique right. Saved me $90 bucks for a 30 min job.
  4. Bought new knobs which are a "perfect fit" for my existing old knobs. One installor quoted $90 to change 3 door knobs. It sounds quite high.... I need comments and even recommendations for an installor. Thanks for the advice!
  5. I'm intending to get those blinds which are commonly used in offices - consist of long vertical straps of fabric (plastic?). Normally comes in white. Where can I get these at a good price? Thanks for the advice!
  6. I already have the Roomba which I have not used yet... I don't think I will need the Scooba since I most likely will mop the floor once every fortnight (not at home half the time). There are many kinds of mops available - Need help for recommendation (electrical or non-electrical type). Most important is effective and easy to use. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Sorry, where is OM? I bought a TV console 2 months back and will need to take another look at it for a wall feature before having it delivered. Thanks.
  8. Looking to change the ugly knobs/handles on my existing wardrobes. I saw Ikea has only a small limited selection. Any where else where I can get a wider selection? Thanks!
  9. All of you are right - So I got my contractor to change the panes... And what a difference it makes!
  10. Need to replace the ugly frosted windows in the bedrooms of the resale unit. I think it is just a frosted film but I cannot seem to peel it off... Any shops to recommend for window shopping? Many thanks!
  11. The resale unit I bought comes with frosted windows in the bedrooms to block the sunlight or for more privacy. I was told that these may be just laminated films which can be slowly peel off. I checked and found that the interior side of the window has that rough / frosted texture but the exterior (facing the outside) is smooth. However, I cannot locate an edge on this so-called film for peeling - so I wonder if this is a permanent fixture already. Advice please. Really don't want to spend money to replace the windows. Thanks.
  12. Looking for a good place to buy this kind of indoor plant - sorry don't know the English name for it. I was quoted $290 for the big ones with the porcelain pot - Think I can get them cheaper outside of IFC. Advice please...
  13. I'm using Andrew of Designer Guy as well - will start work next week. I chose him because of his personality - the rest follows next. PM me if you need his contact.
  14. I received this quote from an electrician recommended by my contractor as follows. Please advise if this is a good quote: PUB testing - 250 Light point - 45 DB board - 280 SCV - 100 13 amp point - 55 H (Heater??) - 95 hood - 40 Earth point - 35 These can add up to a few thousands! Hope that I'm getting an ok deal. Please advise. Thanks.