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  1. hahahhahaha wah seh thanks guys...getting creative liao! hahhahahaha! went down to our new place today and ho ho ho ....plant pots all in place, no movement - yet. knock on the door and the neighbor's daughter answered saying her mother in malaysia. (no wonder?) I told her we were the ones that put the pot at her house because it belongs to them, so not our place to put it anywhere else, should be they decide themselves where they want to put it. then she started about how come got ppl leave things at her door, cannot open her door etc say how can we expect her to be strong enough to move it etc. she started to get abit heated, voice volume going up, so hubby take over and talk to her say that put there is so she definately wont miss it. the pot dont belong to us, but belong to them. if we put there, they confirm know the pot has been moved what. how we know where to put the pot? it's not our place to arrange the pot for them what. it was just in front of our door, we just return to them. Anyway hubby was quite nice lah...he say he understand is maybe not them, not here to accuse anybody, for all you know its a prank and ppl come and move pots around. I think yah lah...for all you know maybe not them, suddenly it's another pissed off neighbor trying to shift HER pots away from their side? buttt the daughter say is probably her mother moving the pots because of the lift upgrading and want to see if can shift the pots down and fit all her pots. so i say, this is not right. first is, how can she shift all the pots that dont belong to her, shift them towards our door? she like that means she want to take our corridor space without asking already what. i told her, be understanding, we also need some corridor space what. I dont care how she stack her pots how many tier high, as long as give me space outside my door right? then she say ya ya maybe mum must cut down on the pots. sigh.think about it oso **** tired. so lets see aunty come back from malaysia how....i hope the daughter can convey the msg across effectively....so sian not only must go back check on contractor, must oso go back and check on neighbor
  2. wow so the next step in the retaliation is hang laundry?!?!? idea.... i dunno lei this kinda ppl.... here i am worrying about being a good neighbor. worry about noise from our reno etc. But then there are oso ppl who dont care - so cannot be good neighbor even if i try? I really pity the malay neighbor directly opposite her - door always closed and now i see why. all their outdoor stuff squashed in one corner (family bicycle all stacked against one another) because all other corridor space is occupied by the plant-empire-neighbor. Cannot buy recess area lei, recess area right outside my door, is right next to their bedroom window shutters. we will attempt to approach anyone of the family today - that is if they dont go running to shut the doors and windows. so brave to steal things, dont dare to face us? i dont know what i will see today but i have a few ideas: 1) she put my pots (only 2 only) in the middle of my front door and migrate her 15+ pots of plants closer to my door (i'm quite amazed she actually half shfted the entire row last night) 2) she kill my plants. 3) she never move it at all and actually realize she tried her luck and failed. -- unlikely? after 1 night of brewing i find this half funny half angry. worst still got lift upgrading coming up and her empire will be affected so need to find new land to conquer! wish me luck i've asked around. Chances are, town council wont do anything. They will forward to the mediation centre. talk talk talk and nothing will be done. zzzzzzzzz sian.
  3. hahhahaha after seeing their pattern...i'm quite sure her next step will be to put all her plants ON the bench....upgrade expansion of her plant empire. hubby just told me the husband of the neighbor oso quite attitude. day time during the reno when hubby was discussing with contractor outside the house, male neighbor just walk past them, ignore my hubby's attempts for friendly chat, and stick his head towards our open door and look inside. in hubby's description, he totally ignored my hubby when he tried to talk to him :S how man...i havent even move in yet then kanna like that liao. we can become the next everitt road liao
  4. Hi All...sorry long story, but i'm really veryveryveyrvery pissedddd I've yet to move into my new place, but already having neighbor problems - seriously never encounter this kinda problem before - seriously never meet such a neighbor before and piwi is **** pissed offffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stay at the corridor end unit, my neighbor's windows line the corridor way towards my front door. Previous owner of my flat left behind a row of flowerpots outside my new place, giving it to us. According to him, he say he actually dont like the plants but he put there to keep the neighbor from expanding her plant collection, so might as well leave it for us to use. So we ok with it, take over ownership of the pots. Since we're having reno now, we go back to see every few days to check on progress. Havent been able to water regularly, so the plants were starting to wilt. one day we came back, we discovered our flowerpots empty! our new neighbor actually ripped all the plants out of the pots left the soil only. Wah lao eh. Never ask if we want or not, just rip out. Ok, so it's dying, but still?!?!?!? we thought, ok dont get pissed off yet, maybe it was our contractor suddenly decide to be handy? but the following day we observe the pots pushed towards their side of the corridor, but still mostly on our side of the corridor. So ok i go knock the neighbors door and ask to speak to her. I asked her "the plants is my contractor move or you move one?" and she say oh yah got nea come check mosquito ask them to clear (where will gov. officers ask neighbors do this kinda thing one?) but nevermind, give her benefit of a doubt, besides the plants die already what, so what can i say? so in the end she say that "give back to you". so ok, flowerpots established to belong to US. so i thought it was the end of the issue, but this week i discovered 1 flowerpot suddenly missing. **** pissed off can. I kbkb outside the house then shrug it off go inside to look at the reno progress and cool-off. But when i came out of the house to find the neighbor, i realised she actually decided to close her front door and all her windows. ARRGH!!! i took all the empty flowerpots into my house undergoing reno, and then the this morning get my mum to deposit two flowerpots with live plants at my place, and place it on the line on the concrete floor to establish the boundary. All the while her pots were on the other side of that line in the concrete. So now, i have two new pots with my unit number on it, with LIVE plants in it, just on the other side of the line in the concrete - this is not an imaginary line, it's really there And guess what i discovered today ? MY POTS ALL SHIFTED INWARDS TOWARDS MY DOOR and her pot from the middle of her usual empire of plants, put at where my pots were. somemore my pots were tossed haphazardly. she shift my pot and put her pots further down towards my DOOR. wah lao eh..this is really too much. i bth take her pot, carry and put in the middle of her front door (which is closed) and shifted my pots back. please advise me something before i go visit her tomorrow morning and start shouting at her! Talk to her nicely still like that! I reach the point where I dont see the point of building a good neighborly relationship when the other party obviously doesnt care! HOW!!!?!?!?!?!?!??!
  5. Something for this weekend (other than sitex ) Today's Paper (28/11/08 - straits times , home section): HTL International SALE http://www.htlinternational.com/
  6. my lights and fan from them i think...we chanced upon them while hanging around ubi area! Water heater (ariston) cheaper at royal fanco.
  7. dunno lei! i think the rather annoying thing is that he insist cannot put a on-off switch for the oven if i use 13a ? yours have switch or not?
  8. haahahaa...actually ah, once work start i really dont know how much is the actual cost. Add here add there, deduct here deduct there. Best is you see the quote, see the price, THEN request to see their current projects? Sometimes on paper so cheap, you see the project, the quality so @#$#@$# you will suddenly find the price very expensive. Hubby and i seek quote from 5 companies, but in the end went with my colleague's contractor (NOT ID) after seeing his work at two locations. our damage if you're interested : 5room resale 122sqm. Hack everything save for the walls and structural pillars and redo all wiring and plumbing redo all floors and waterproofing etc, replace kitchen wall tiles, rebuilt kitchen bases and concrete base for sink which will later be covered by carpentry, doing only bottom kitchen cabinets (total of about 5 metres long; 2+3 on two separate walls, 1m of which is a full height cabinet to the ceiling), 1 fixed panel shower stall (ie no door), 1 false ceiling and 4 sets of lightboxes (hard to define area, by 1 set i mean 1 room), shift rubbish chute slightly in the most legal possible way and supply and install new rubbish chute, shift 1 door entrance from right to left side of wall, 1 feature wall for tv 1 7-feet long wardrobe for MBR w. 1 sliding door covered with mirror 2 bifold doors 1 normal (ie not glass) sliding door for kitchen entrance (so called free but what the ****...) All in all, initial contract is for $29k. this EXCLUDES cost of wiring (each light pt, power pt etc costs $$$), soft close rails for the kitchen (my contractor only giving 4 sets free), and aircon. no changes to doors and windows. But later we didnt shift the door entrance we intended to shift, and we bought our own chute cover ($85) and he install for free (if he supply and install = $220. pui!)
  9. we're in the middle of our reno now and just discussed abit about installing an oven with our electrician. He says we need to decide between a 13w or 15w powerpt, which will depend on the oven. 13w and 15w can play at part in how he run the cable, the kind of switch etc etc. he actually told me if 13w wont have an external on/off switch (like a lightswitch) for me to switch off the power to the oven when not in use (ie; on all the time). so i opted for the 15w. how true is it, i dont know, because it costs more to run a 15w ppt! usually i guess you will run the powerpt first before you install the oven, right? so err...go and find out what kind of powerpt your oven need? cheers
  10. Hi All, thought would be good to share bargains spotted (adverts in papers, shopping centres, online, etcetc)...here's my contribution for this weekend: Straits Times (Home section) 7-11-2008 I bought the 30 piece cutlery set for $79. Spend $150 at tangs and recieve the tang's card to collect redemption points for free... Straits Times (home section) 8-11-2008
  11. ermermerm....i cant find the name card!pai seh but it's in the row of shophouse quite near Light Vault. walk near there and ask?? either way, you now know how low it can go already. $28 is for the biggest size round downlight. anyway i bought my lights already... 2x13W, round downlights, with lid, osram bulbs and ATCO ballast (i thought was "echo" rofl) 18 bucks per piece, donno if it's a good deal or not. Chanced upon the sale at in Ubi they were also selling ceiling fans (low ceiling KDK 1unit = $175, some singapore brand ceiling fan $165 with install i think, he was chatting with my hubby) and water heaters (Jovan storage heater 45L for $260+??)
  12. hi im hunting for downlights for me place too...so far looked at round downlights, 1-2 tubes with or without cover. Discovered most of the designs very standard - if not identical. i suspect same supplier, different shop only. and from observation, the shops make their money from varying the kind of balast and bulb packaged with the light fixture. the round ones we were looking at come in small-med-large size so far been hunting around to see the prices, have not bought any yet..have not had any good experience with the light shops that i've encountered so far, so i'm really looking for a good place to go and get my lights at a better price than i've found so far if anyone can give a sincere recommendation? what i've encountered so far (the good, the bad, but mostly ugly): 1. balestier - so far the cheapest we found was $28 per set for the LARGE size downlight (ie; two tubes with cover). comes with "echo" australian ballast and osram bulb - before bargaining. the guy just gave us his name card, and told us to think about it , i think hes used to ppl shopping for prices. if i cannot find any better deal, i will probably go back to this one, at least he is upfront about the price and the ballast, no need to probe so much on average, quoted $30 at other shops. most expensive at balestier was from lumiere - $37+++. Ask if possible to be cheaper, the person tell us told us flat out - "no cannot. no one will give you cheaper". so confident lei! maybe because it's lumiere, his was actually the real deal, no the pirated-imitation kind. whether or not it is, i can only comment that the external view of the fixture looks similar to the $30 ones we kept on seeing at the other shops. then perhaps, I am not his target market. nevermind lo, we are also looking for dining table light. So we look started to look around but quickly realised that the sales man was letting us browse in the dark. in other shops, the sales ppl are quick and willing to show us the lights, switch them on, ask us what we're looking for etc. This fella, dont bother to on the lights at all, and let us stand in the dark - even though we are not the last customer - another lady was still being attended to (her light was switched on hahahahaha) ...and then suddenly i feel like i need to walk out. what to make of it, i donno 2. BH in Tampines - heard about this place from renotalk, now i think is maybe the owner herself/himself post it one. same size LARGE size downlight, same design as described above, quoted $55. (unit price given to me only after i pressure for an answer) but if i buy A LOT (ie more than 20), they give me good price - $30 with some funny brand bulb. when asked about the specs of the downlight, even something as simple as dimensions, they are unable to answer. i told them i need to tell my contractor what size fixture we're looking at, in the end she ask me to use my eyes to estimate. I ask what kind of light bulb they give, sales girl says white light. I say, i know white, but what brand? again she keeps saying white light, warm light, cool light...until finally she says "leona" lightbulb. Smallest size downlight, quoted $30 (10w round light). 3. Chelsea lights and the other shops next to it: Smallest size downlight described in pt 2 (10w kind), quoted $15 with osram bulb. (BH quoted me $30, exactly the same design, with leona bulb) biggest size one $30-35. thats it for now from jurong to tampines - cheapest big downlight (double bulb, biggest round downlight with glass lid for $28) in Balestier...and find it hard to believe that balestier is the cheapest so far! maybe i will try geylang next time. hope my experience is useful info, just take my comments with a pinch of salt because maybe i am too impatient to deal with the shops.
  13. piwi

    Ifc Sale...

    I think cards provide additional discount on top of discounts in store (hence the term "up to" whatever percentage discount ??) dbs flier here: http://www.dbs.com/edm/20080907/sifc_html_edm.html
  14. has anyone installed and is currently using the citygas water heater? any feedback? is it really cheaper? what was the installation process like anyway ?
  15. id quoted us approx ~$100 per set of rails for 1 drawer? 10 drawers = 1000 ?!?!?