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  1. Hi Shawncck, thanks and sorry for the late reply! Have replied your pm:)
  2. This forum thread looks much better after the clean up (from the earthquake)..so sad though, most threads were lost..but at least its neater and cleaner now:) Nevermind, i'm sure it will be built up again when new and old customers gather and talk again:) I previously reposted my reno experience, but i think its lost again.. I had a really wonderful reno experience with ed, So wonderful, i'm petty sure he's always my choice if i move house again:) He is not an ID, yet he took so much efforts to create 3ds so realistic, that i could visualise my colorful house. Choosing a lollipop theme for my house, i was really worried of not having an ID (due to a miserable budget). However, ed went all the way to help create my dream house. Always accepting my weird ideas and helping me visualise A quick snap shot of my house:)
  3. Hi Alcom, his after service is fantastic:) Had many friends who have done reno with other reputable IDs/Contractors..but were all unable to find them when they had issues after staying in. I didnt had this issue at all, and whenever there's any thing with the house (sometimes not his reno related, but with my electrical appliances like water heater, tv) i always asked him for opinions or help. He has never 'disappeared' after taking money Btw, i have finished my reno for 2 yrs! Good luck in your reno!
  4. Poor thread!!! Sad to see this, now the layout looks weird..but i guess no choice also But nevermind, i'm sure the thread will be build again and the new threads and stories will replace the old:) My reno pics are still seen below, but i'll repost some again:)(hope his other clients can help to do so too! Lets make this thread looks "normal" again:) After 2 yrs of my reno...edmund has still been around and we have still been in good contact:) Any issues with my house (even if its not reno related), hes a call away:) I dont have any doubt that he will still be my choice if i ever buy another house! and no..i dont earn endorsement fees, i just really do enjoy my reno process with ed so much, that i hope others could feel the same abt reno:)
  5. hahah!!! i still lovee pink kitchen! show me your pinky town!
  6. hehe..Tangs! they had a pink kitchenware display that time...
  7. Hi Lee, got them all from Gmarket...very cheap one.. theres a range of sellers...prob between 5 bucks to 12 bucks ba..
  8. Haha..yellow gate! My contractor is Edmund from dxinterior :82000200, he's website is www.dxinterior.com As mentioned in my blog repeatedly, i lovee my experience working with him:) sorry for the late reply! dont check often le:)
  9. hehe, it will get through MAIN DOOR..dont worry...But hor..i not sure abt room doors, coz never tried ...mine is placed in livin room. i got it abt 1.2k....shld be cheaper now..i got it from LUSH
  10. The mechanism is a clever idea..but until everyone noes how to use it properly...its quite tough to keep it...especially when the pd door after sales service is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo horrible...
  11. hehe, hey mickey, i reallyyyy love ur house!!! how much did u spend? ITS soooo nice
  12. It took me a while..but now i noe le!!HAHA...never tell me u got t-blog!!!! Ok, i'll c u on sunday!
  13. hahaaa..i never thought u will start a t-blog!! GOOD JOB!!!! i love ur kitchen too! vibrant and nice! Got time muz go ur house cc too!