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  1. Hi Sharino

    i am looking to engage multi Reno too..can know if they are good? Thanks :) email : barney_bby@yahoo.com.sg

  2. Before After Floor - coated tiles by Faith Coat Sink
  3. Found a pic..Here is a look at the interior
  4. The doors of the tv console were changed as the ones the old owners were using were the slide and pull type which were quite difficult to clean at the back. We changed it to the push open mechanism(dont know what it is called) Other parts which were visible(on the outside), were relaminated at my place itself. The insides were not relaminated. Only certain drawers had to be modified so as to fit the new hinges. The door of the switch box compartment was the one which they had to bring back to relaminate.
  5. Yup..not many were keen on relaminating but the old owner of my unit had a huge tv console which had plenty of storage space. So we decided to keep it just that the laminates were not to our liking...Same goes for the dining area...plenty of storage under the seat and the side table... Relaminated all to Glossy black.. I was lucky as the contractor I got was willing. Even brought the door of the switch box compartment back to his workshop to laminate using the machine.. Plenty of Storage!
  6. Found my old reno T-blog from 2008 www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/15875-our-first-home-first-renovations/?hl=sharino#entry326321
  7. The purple kitchen theme looks great... I went with red gloss laminates...should have gone with purple...
  8. Yup, caused they factored in the time needed to hang the 100+ crystals....finally got 1 handyman quoted about $70 per light/chandelier but we have to hang the crystals by ourself..
  9. Hi, I think its about 2k for the tv console due to the black mirror and relaminates to the other visible areas including an area at the side of the tv console. For the dining area - its around 1k + as they changed the cushion for the bench as well.
  10. Hi, got my lights from taobao via Peeka as well.. got extra bulbs from the supplier...Only prob was getting a willing handyman only after calling 4 ads..We had to install/hang the crystals by ourselves as some quoted about $150 per light if they were to hang/install the crystals for us...
  11. Got these 2 lights from taobao.... Engaged a handyman to mount them but got to hang the crystals ourselves... At the background, the relaminated benches and dining area can be seen...will find more photos..