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  1. Don't buy Max Coil no matter what! I bought one back in April 2009 for S$800. In barely six months, the mattress becomes concave! There is no contact number that you can call Maxcoil to do a refund or return. Caveat emptor!
  2. The Chandelier The one in dining area has finally been assembled. This could not be achieved without the help from my dearest friend.
  3. Bed and lockset The progress is slowing down and the project has not finished yet! But there is some progress past two days anyway. The bed is delivered. I am gonna to purchase dark color funiture and hang a black&white picture above the bedframe. The door nob looks elegant. This egg shape lockset was purchased from Shanghai Tong Lee Defect spotted. The joint between two colors is not a straight line. My ID has to rework this. The dining table I am eying on. I saw this set on the magazine and I quite like it. Gonna make a trip to Fusion Interior to checkout the size and the price.
  4. Sofa I could not resist the urge to take a picture of the sofa..Since the renovation has not completed yet, I have to remove the protection cover and put it back when I am done. But the cover was enormous and I could not put it in place after 15-min struggle. Seems that my sofa might be covered by a layer with dust when I move in The living looks rather pale (boring?) now with everything in earth tone. Sofa is from Lorenzo. It is 3.6m long. Also had an interesting finding of one pipe placed around the shower stall. I have no idea what the heck it is for. And I am going to ask my ID to reposition it no matter what function it serves (I reckon it's for aircon).
  5. haha. I am going to work on the protest banner now.
  6. Now I am scared...okay I will monitor the rusting progress of my toilet paper holder and that round mirror...
  7. Thanks for the note. Seems I shall take extra care of my delicate ikea accessories. but how can stainless steel rust? I tried not to choose the ones with exposed screw. But I find my chrome toilet paper holder has advantage in design... P.S. I didn't pick chrome shampoo rack and picked stainless steel one instead (not from ikea)
  8. I can understand that. My L shape sofa is big with 3.6m long. And the big sofa does make the living feel SMALLER! But you won't always sit on the day-bed part to watch tv, will you (assuming you have a L-shape sofa too)?
  9. wow, you are observant! Glad you asked the question. Yes, there is a reason. If you noticed, I changed the master toilet layout. If I used the swing glass door as common toilet, the entrance would be from the toilet bowl side. And this would make the person difficult to entre into the area. Or I could have a pentagon show area with a corner entrance swing door. In order to have a decent sized shower area without compromising the comfort, my ID proposed this three-panel shower screen, which I found it's pretty nice. Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure.
  10. cheerios. Yes, curtain is from Jimmy Textiles. The service is quite good but I can only partially agree it's a more economical choice. I didn't quite get you. What kind of problem do we share? 3.6m is more than 10ft, a quite decent distance in the living. I think mine is simliar.
  11. The ventilation is quite good. The smell goes away quickly as long as I open the window and door. Yes, it's from the drainage. And my contractor just did a chemical wash. I had thought the smell would be gone after the wash...
  12. Does anyone know what could cause the toilet smelly? My renovation work is almost done and the commontoilet smells like...er... My contractor insisted nothing was wrong but I dun think so. The common toilet had no smell before the renovation If there will be an overhaul, does the floor need to be hacked? I am so worried and please help.
  13. Does anyone know what could cause the toilet smelly? My renovation work is almost done and the commontoilet smells like...er... My contractor insisted nothing was wrong but I dun think so. The common toilet had no smell before the renovation If there will be an overhaul, does the floor need to be hacked? I am so worried and please help.
  14. I like the layout and color scheme of your kitchen. It does sense like a modern northen European kitchen. Can't wait to see the final product!
  15. The curtain is put up today. Those pieces of cloth burn my pocket a deep hole. The living room (living plus cozy) curtain is the most expensive one. I should have picked cheaper fabric for living since the luxurious fabric fails to blow me away (though it's not bad). Living room curtain The champagne color night curtain at outer side and Polvenna platinium color day curtain at inner side. When both layers are put down, it creates a subtle and understated luxury. But I think I should have chosen a cheaper night curtain. Common rooms Both rooms have the same curtain. To make it classical with a sense of solemnness, I chose poka dot night curtain in silver and matching silver day curtain (Elclips). One room has golden color iron rod and the other has the rail. Master bedroom
  16. Once I reported the missed out SCV and telephone points, my ID quickly actioned and installed them. The result was satisfactory so there is no further complaint from me My fridge and the washing machine have been delivered. They look a bit odd in the kitchen since the cabinet above and beside them has not been installed yet. One lesson learned here. I should have had power point installed above the fridge as I realized the samsung's power cord is from the top. The cabinet above the fridge has not been installed yet.
  17. Which lights are you referring to? Except for chandeliers and PLC lights, the rest were purchased from Lite Vault on Balestier Road. The price there is quite reasonable provided you bargain it down. While the curtain man was measuring the size today, I did a careful check on electrical points. To my astonishment, there is no SCV point both common room, and no telephone point in my study! The finding completely spoiled my mood as I am in the final stage of renovation and the house is supposed to handover by end of the month. I am being trustful of my ID's work and never counted those points...Hopefully he can quickly rectify the problem.
  18. cheerios But yesterday I found the common toilet is rather smelly. It didn't have this problem before renovation. I don't know what went wrong and am quite worried. thanks.
  19. Kitchen is half-way done. The panel is in semi-gross fine line pine wood color reflecting light subtly. I hope to have a bright, modern classical kitchen. Hood is too low for me although it has the standard distance (68cm) from the hob. Forgot to take a look of the foyer light. It's glass but looks like cystal. My toilet and kitchen accessories were bought from Ikea and Sim Siang Choon. Most of them are from Ikea except for the shapoo dish. Although Ikdea sells simliar design but the one uses rubber support or exposed skrew. I like the chrome toilet paper roll and the double hook from Ikea. The price is just so competitive. For common toilet, I got myself four stainless steel hooks, a 40cm towel rack, toilet paper roll and a rectangle shampoo dish. For master toilet, I also got myself a retractable mirror, toilet paper roll, a double-deck corner shampoo dish, and a 55-cm chrome towel rack.
  20. According to the expert, it is teak. I am glad that I can keep something classical with good quality and also to keep some of the flat's history.
  21. Thank you. This one is around 200 bucks. I am quite concerned whether the basin is easy to maintain. Maybe pink color blossom becomes greyish one day??? But I could always ask guests not to use the basin....haha....so user unfriendly..... Glad that you like it.
  22. Bedrooms. One bedroom was locked by the worker after done the flooring. It happened to be the one that I don't have key. So no pictures for the lights there. Besides the lights, I am satisfied with the wardrobe color that my ID proposed to me. The wardrobe is a too small (3f) to my liking, but this is the most practical position and size. Toilets. I kinda like this clean stainless stell light. The false ceiling with halogen light has been installed too! Pipes are ugly but there is nothing I can do. I should have considered frosted shower glass instead. The golden basin has pink color peach blossom. The motif will be nicely compatible with the bamboo photo in study and orchid pod plant in dining. Now I need to find something with pine in living.
  23. In three days, all lights were installed. The bedroom floor has been revanished and painted. I was thrilled to see the look-like-brandnew parquet floor. The workmanship is impeccable! The kitchen cabinets are up as well. But due to the short of the laminate, the cabinet above the fridge and rubbish chute can not be completed before handover. Living lighting. I could have chosen squarish PLC lights. But I ended up having round shapes ones since these were not purchased by me. Dining lighting. The chandelier frame has been installed. It's gonna take me a while to put up 100 crystal balls..
  24. Thanks It is handled by Frankie from Earnst Interiors. I promised I would say good words for him if he did a good job.