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  1. that's a good question. haha. my hb used to pump shell Vpower (the best and most expensive petrol in shell) but now he pumps formula 98 (2nd best and 2nd most expensive petrol in shell). he told me that he doesnt feel there's any difference leh. but some people said that Vpower will help to "clean" the car engines.
  2. no joke. i've a friend whose grandmother always uses charcoal to cook. even now she is still using charcoal bcos her grandmother thinks that use gas to cook isnt good for health. charcoal is better.
  3. my hb used to pump Vpower last time but last year he switched to formula 98. one time pump is still $100+ after discount.
  4. my wedding photo is in the smart wedding diary (its a newly launched wedding magazine) and blissful brides magazine! they are out liao! my BS put my wedding photo to advertise for the BS (my BS gave me the 2 free copies).
  5. ya. there're caterers who cater for dinner as well. just cook the rice lor. i agreed in red highlighted. sometimes, cooking at home also can waste money lor. the gas, water and electricity you used leh.
  6. LL, dont said that la. i'm sure your guests will really have the wow effect (the beautiful wow) from you. on our AD, my sister and brother in law were stationed at the reception to allocate (i had already done the seat allocation before hand and passed to my sister and brother in law) the seat to our guests. then, my another sister and brother in law ushered our guests to their seats. individual does their part then everything will go very smoothly. however, our wedding concierge is the greatest helper for us! wedding concierge and wedding coordinator are different here. wedding concierge (another additional person to assist us - the hotel assigned to us) is the person who will be our so called "right hand man" from the minute we checked into the hotel.
  7. if you start to makeup and get dress by 7.30pm then it will be late liao lor. my MUA came at about 6pm to start doing makeup and hairdo for me. after my MUA had finished doing mine and then she started to do my mum's. it's good to do everything as early as possible so that you dont feel rush. that is one of the reasons why usually the bride comes down at about 8.30pm lor bcos most of the guests are waiting just to see the bride! once i came down at 8.30pm and all our guests were sitted inside the ballroom liao. they were watching our photos montage. my hb and i were standby outside the ballroom entrance waiting to march in.
  8. i have a string curtain hanging in my study room. i asked jimmy textile to do it. it can be machine washed. i cant remember how much liao. !!
  9. lobby? it isnt at the lobby. its at the ballroom entrance. hehe. the answer to your question is NO! the bride doesnt have to come down so early. the bridegroom will come down first with the bride's parents and the bridegroom's parents to receive the guests. on our AD, we checked in the bridal suite in the afternoon about 2pm. at about 5pm, our wedding concierge (we had a wedding concierge assigned to us) told my hb (only my hb had to go down and i didnt have to) to go down to the ballroom for rehearsal. by 7pm my hb, my FIL and my mum went down to the ballroom to receive the guests. i stayed in the bridal suite to finish doing my makeup and waited for our wedding concierge to inform me to go down. i went down to the ballroom at about 8.30pm. !! you dont have to worry la bcos your wedding coordinator will tell you what to do on your AD. we had cocktail reception which started at 7.15pm. i think some of our guests already reached the ballroom at about 6 plus liao lor. BUT, when the dinner ended then the bride, bridegroom and the parents/family members must stand outside the ballroom to send all the guests off. shake hands and thanks the guests for attending.
  10. sometimes, the wiper's rubber also may affect the glass to get more blur.
  11. if raining, somehow or rather it will sure to affect your vision. there was once i drove in heavy rain and i could hardly see anything infront of me. i just drove slowly and turned on the wipers to the fastest speed.
  12. since only hb and i so usually we dine out. what you meant by weight problems? what to do with that? !! frankly speaking, i love to cook but i hate to clean up after cooking (esp the washing part). !!
  13. i also forget when we met the mechanic bcos it was many years ago matter. i dont know is it whether when we were still driving our first car (older type of mit lancer) or the now honda?
  14. the mechanic wasnt from honda la. i didnt mentioned he was a honda mechanic mah. we and the mechanic were chatting dont know about what that time then he just told us the fuel tank matter.
  15. i leh. that was what the mechanic told us. haha.
  16. last time, i heard a mechanic told us that if dont pump full tank and the petrol tank may turn rusty after sometimes bcos no lubricant. i dont know la. this was what i heard. usually, my hb will pump full tank.
  17. sometimes put her in cage when nobody is at home. when i come home then will let her out to roam about. ok, back to topic.
  18. its true that sometimes i get fedup when come to cleaning but most of the time i enjoy staying in bigger/spacious house. my dog will have bigger space to roam about too. my sister wants to get a new hdb flat and she told me everywhere the new hdb flats are very small. she said hardly can find new hdb flats as big as mine now liao. she referred to new ones and not resale ones.
  19. wow, manz. this is a long ago thread liao lor. out of topic for awhile. when i browsed through the blogs over here and happened to see some tanglin halt blogs. the bedrooms are very small. i think a queen size bed also cannot be placed into the bedroom. if can, the remaining space will be extremely cramp. actually, my master bedroom can place 2 king size bed and common bedrooms can place 1 queen size bed.
  20. i agreed in red. there was one time when i was driving into takashimaya carpark and there was traffic jam then i suddenly changed lane and the male driver behind me surprisingly didnt fire me but gave way to me instead. of course i was paiseh la.
  21. for example? my hb also said i only can go straight. my right turning isnt good. my left turning is still ok.
  22. ya, there are too. while we are driving and the GPS will alert us there's camera (eg. speed camera etc) ahead. then GPS also will alert us about the speed limit too. since you meet your bf everyday then he doesnt need to drive? share share, right. i also share the car with my hb. usually, he drives to work. ok, next time i try the GPS while walking. hehe.
  23. of course cant search for the products inside harvey norman. too be more precise. eg, i can search for crystal jade restaurant, seoul garden etc lor.