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  1. Hi, I have sent Angela contact to some of the more recent requests. Since completion of my renovation last year, I am not very active here now and don't check the forum very often. Please PM me and I will try to provide her details as soon as possible.
  2. You can contact Angela at 9456 4955, just said recommended by Lester from Baywater, Casa Merah one. She will know.

  3. You can contact Angela at 9456 4955, just said recommended by Lester from Baywater, Casa Merah one. She will know.

  4. Hi, not sure if it is too late.

    You can contact Angela at 9456 4955, just said recommended by Lester from Baywater, Casa Merah one. She will know

  5. You can contact Angela at 9456 4955, just said recommended by Lester from Baywater, Casa Merah one. She will know

  6. Hi Nana8

    You can contact Angela at 9456 4955, just said recommended by Lester from Baywater, Casa Merah one. She will know.

  7. Hi Squarepants , Mowaxchua and Kruncho PM you guys already...was hoping that others who have used her to comments and continue the thread as I understand from her that quite a few have used her services.
  8. Not MIA, can deliver on time, responsible, keeping to promises, with good workmanship are not mutually exclusive, they can exist together and all home owners look for the above criteria all roll into one. Yes, he is not MIA but if picking up calls but don't keep promises, people will just be as upset, it doesn't lessen the frustration. I am different. If my choice is wrong, why do I still want to support my choice. I rather cut loses. For anyone after seeing my pictures and think they are peanuts. Then I rest my case as to my they are coconuts that can't be flush. Give him more time. I have given him 3 weeks extra before HO and 5 weeks after HO for him to delivery his final promises. still outstanding. Did you put yourself into my shoes instead or you must be a super patient friend who can wait for more than 3 months.
  9. but unless living in landed or first floor, how to bring the mirror up? did you tell you? if can one piece instead of joining, i also interested to know.
  10. Closing words Getting depressed now as did not realise all the defects till I start listing them and seeing them in pictures again, reminded me of the experience. Unfortunately, I need to move to the new place. With kids and old parent, rectification that requires removing and re-doing it near impossible after shifting in. If the re-doing is going to end up worst, I rather they don't touch it further.
  11. I am not trying to bring down anyone but providing my experiences with them and how I feel. I also want to share the workmanship and other stuff and if anyone still engaged them, don't blame past clients that we did not mentioned it. I am feeling upset that no forumers mentioned the pro and con of using them in the forum given the LONG list of clients who sign-up. I only found out about the workmanship and late HO when I PM quite a few clients when I face problem.
  12. Also no one mentioned about late HO (must give 50% more extra time) or moving in when renovation or rectification is still going on.
  13. Beruang If you had mentioned or hinted about the quality of the carpentry, I might have second thoughts. Previously, you requested to see some of the joint lines I had, so I have posted them already. Take a look. If they are straight and neatly done, even if they are black, I am reasonable and will accept them, but they did not cut the laminate straight and end up I have crooked black joint line and most of the corners were chipped off (like my girl shelves and my bed).
  14. PART III – FINAL Poor Space planning / Never listen to requirement, build as their standard. MBR platform bed - I am fully aware that the standard is to have a border around the mattress to prevent mattress from moving. From my previous two renov, I know that my mattress will no move as it is so heavy (14 inches thick). I also don’t want the mattress to sink in as it is super difficult to change bedsheet. So I just want a divan (or flat piece of wood), Hmmm, that should be easy for the carpentry. Kevin did explain that normally they will have border and sink in and I confirm verbally that I fully understand and I don’t want (other ID told me the same and I insist that I want divan). In the end, they build their own standard ie. with thick fat borders. I measured my area properly for a divan bed already but with the extra border. Now the space is only 48 cm, even I who is quite thin have difficulty squatting. POOR project and time management We gave them 4 weeks to complete everything. (please note that I only have them to do painting, 9 pieces of carpentry, 3 mirrors for dinning and 1 piece of granite for my bay window). Also 4 weeks is excluding selection of designs and materials as we have selected them beforehand already. This mean that they had the full 4 weeks to fabricate and install. In the end, they took 7 weeks. This is not the first time I am renovating, so I know how much time they will need for installation. 4 weeks is more than enough and I am also prepared to give them additional 2 weeks including rectification. In the end I was disappointed. They HO only after 7 weeks and that is just ONE (1) day before my move. As the moving date is drawing nearer and nearer and work were still not done. We end up having to shout, scream, THREATEN for them to assign workers to our place. I want to be nice to them as well but if quality is poor, time line is off and if I want to shift on that day, I don’t have a choice. Who don’t want to be nice people. NON delivery of promise Never clean the place on HO as per promised as the HO is just 1 day before my marble polishing guy come in the morning (have to reschedule 3-4 times already) and my movers came in the afternoon. End up I became the cleaner. He left some white clothes and a sponge there without cleaning the place. Rectification Their HO is just 1 day before I move how do they rectify my issues? I think I am patience enough to give them 7 weeks already. For my rectification, with reference to the pictures provided, the only way is to torn down the wardrobe (please note that this is the second piece already), the display (also second one already), it will be very dusty and messy. I mentioned that I have 2 kids and 1 elderly at home, so to torn down and replace them, I need to house my kids and partent somewhere, as I am sure as parents, you do not want to risk accident from happening and I can’t lock them in their room.
  15. Platform bed joint lines where I get cut a few times. IS such gap between joints acceptable ?? !! There is a chip as well. Dresser Table - laminate chip off and they just stick the chip off part back.
  16. Pictures of workship of MBR platform bed Headboard - See the finishing? Laminate were not cut straight, so you see the uneven joint lines. maybe they forgetten that there is such thing as RULER
  17. My daughter platform bed Re-drilled hole visable for all to see. Even my girl was asking why her bed has hole like that. Joint lines and crack laminate on her book shelf Another joint lines on her book shelf
  18. Part II of review 5) Daughter’s platform bed - incorrect size installed. I requested for single size with measurement given in writing, they installed super single, This piece, I insisted they correct it as I have bought the mattress. Although, they change for us, due to the changes, there are a lot of re-drilling hole on the laminate and they did not bother to change the laminate or do something to it. Those re-drill hole flat on the bed, I can accept as when we put mattress can’t see. But those on the headboard? Look out for the picture on the poor workmanship on the bed. 6) Hanging shelves wrong requirement for open shelves, did not realized till we unpack. Measurement was given. Poor workmanship again unless you tell me such quality is acceptable. Please refer to pictures. 7) My platform bed build not what I requested. I requested for a divan type as my room is very small. He build a THICK border around it (7cm each side) and the balance length left for the dresser is only 48cm left so I can hardly squat. They also build the right side higher than left side, putting things with flat base is alright, but if try putting things like pencil or ball as they will roll off. Ya great. Poor workmanship too with chip of joints (no wonder I keep cutting my legs), poor finishings. Pictures to follow. 8) Dining Area Full Mirror – 3 pieces of big mirror covering length of 2.7m and height of 2.4m with cushion support below as mirror height is not long enough. They stick the 3rd mirror (outer piece) slated and so can see a gap at from height of dinning table and below. Due to that, the mirror protrude out of my wall on the other side just slightly about 0.5cm but it is at the knee level i.e kids shoulder height. He get his guy to plaster the wall beside it so that it covers the jutting out mirror. Dust collecting in the gap. This piece not so bad as can’t really tell. That all for the workmanship. To be continued with time management and space planning in Final and part III of the review.
  19. Hi Care He is aware of the problem. I will explain in Part II and Part III of my review.
  20. more pictures The wardrobe is crooked / slanted and there is box-up beside it and there is a plank on top to put SCV box, modem etc. Pictures of the gap between plank and wardrobe due to the crooked wardrobe.
  21. Yes, I have a crooked / slanted wardrobe. The red line that I draw is correct alignment. The longer part is about 6-7 cm different !! At first I wonder if the wardrobe is slanted, how did they put in the drawers and thought my eyes playing tricks on me, then I realise that the drawer runners are on a internal plank of wood which means that the external and internal plank are not secured together. Because of that, I don't dare to put stuff that are too heavy in there as not sure whether will it collapse.
  22. Pictures of my crooked wardrobe Front view - Left side is longer than right side by more than 5 cm. I placed the measurement tape there but don't think can see clearly. Side view - Behind longer than front by more than 5 cm again.
  23. Nice...thanks for sharing. My existing place can't put such delicate lightings yet (have 2 monsters at home who fight all the time), but will seriously consider for my new place in 2 years time. Love the first one on the right side top shelf
  24. Below is the mirror in my old place. Please note that there is 2 mirrors there, the smaller pieces is for the corner display. The 8ft x 4ft one is the main piece i.e. the full length of the seatee.