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  1. I have seen it at Punggol Plaza and Hougang Mall. but I don't remember the name of the store. please look there if have time..
  2. Just try to decor your place with home decoration, painting, lamp.. or etc, good luck..
  3. try tyo find some painting in Punggol Plaza or Hougang Mall.. I see some flower painting there, and abstract painting,, good luck..
  4. I see some store are selling painting in Hougang mall too.. abstract painting, etc i see on third floor... try to look at and good luck
  5. Try to find it in Punggol Plaza or Hougang Mall. Good luck
  6. Very nice coffee table.. where do you get that picture .. I want to buy it too..
  7. Have you go to Punggol Plaza or Hougang Mall, I see over there some store selling art item statue, painting.. etc... find there and good luck..
  8. I have seen what you are looking for.. in Punggol Plaza ang Hougang MAll, try there good luck...
  9. What kind or art item that you sold, are there for home decoration?, did you have any picture for your art item?.. cause sometime I will need it..
  10. Sorry I don't have any information about iron gate manufacture yet. I will inform you later then, or did you search on internet with keyword ' Iron gate Manufacture company' Good luck
  11. To decorate some living room you may need some picture or painting, statue, unique lamp etc. you can find that material for home decoration complete and with special price (cheap) at Poets Design Pte. Ltd. They sell art item for home decoration in Singapore brand new company. They have 3 counters as far as I know are at: 1023 Upper Serangoon Road, Punggol Plaza, and Hougang Mall. I have buy some art items for my Home Decoration, and they give special price and free gift too. Good luck .... !!
  12. I appreciate for your effort on asking some groupbuy in the forum, may be you must put your contact, phone number or email there. Or can you ask the seller, if there consumers are near from your location that will delivery in same time, for lower price in delivery. good luck..
  13. Yes. you right. you can change the windows frame and the glass at once. You can change it too after finishing the renovation, before painting. but if you want to use aluminum frame please make sure if can fix's on the grill. good luck
  14. I think that great lock system to save our home, can you tell me the type of the lock, pick, and price to..
  15. Yes, I have same experience with you too. but now I try to separate the clothes that i wan to wash, baby clothes, color clothes and white clothes. in these case you will wash more then three time. 1. baby clothes., 2. white clothes, 3. color clothes each color different. Try to see the information from the clothes if there. couse they will inform if the clothes have color run or not.