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  1. btw, i am looking at doing some minor extension A&A work.. looking to convert my current back balcony area (about 20sqm) into a room and add a 3rd storey.. so total GFA increment is 40sqm. 1 PE quoted me 9k for just submission, plan, drawing excluding foreman and govt submission cost which could add another 5k. i dont think it's competitive for a area this size.. anyone has engineer to recommend at a more reasonable cost?
  2. wow.. the price you have is really quite low.. im quite surprise you can get such rate .. it's less than 100psf??
  3. i shall indulge you.. sound bar is crap... buy 9.2 surround sound system lah.. he told you so...
  4. haha.. ya.. hanoi street.. cant rem the name but the main shopping street is strewn with "arts" galleries.. the original ones are without doubt going to cost .. there are many "copies" with similar style.. different strokes.. at a much more reasonable price.. the only thing about art is that if u really like an original painting.. u will find it hard to accept a copy.. so, i always end up admiring them from the net.. for USD 100-200.. you can find a good array of startup artists with interesting pieces in hanoi if you are not into those big name artists..
  5. binh.. you are probably right... Prefer the viet to the indo (abstract ones) myself... was at bali, ubub area and saw kids painting those abstract arts.. so i was quite put off after those scenes.. well... paintings need to suit one home's design and concept also... surely cant put chinese water colour painting in my house...! lol but i love the chinese modern paintings and sculptures! if the budget from TS is 100-200. i would go hanoi and pick up some of these canvas.. definitely worth the trip..
  6. USD right.. saw alot of these in hanoi.. nice place to shop for canvas oil arts if you are into them.. some of them go for a few grand in singapore.. i luv the ballerina ones.. there are alot of copy cats for the famous paintings.. well... it is the biggest form of flattery for the establish artisits.. i bot one there for 300usd.. it is selling for the same artist here for 3k at one of the art gallery... vietnam art has been in vogue for the last 5 years and has appreciated in value if you are also looking into investment in the right artist.. (not the toss out type... lol) some galleries you can visit but they are all lined up on the same street.. http://www.apricot-artvietnam.com/biography.asp?CID=7 http://www.thavibu.com/vietnam/index.htm again.. these are more famous viet artists and the prices are correspondingly steep.. the upcoming young artist who are still in school (if you have an eye for them) are alot cheaper as they try to establish themselves.. search for dao-hai-phong..he is one of the more famous.. prices has appreciated alot in recent years.. very very nice.. but too expensive for me.. http://www.google.com.sg/images?hl=en&...440&bih=839
  7. this is the legal view... option seller cannot retract.. the buyer has the absolute right to decide to exercise or forfeit the fee... too bad for the seller once he signs the OTP.. and stupid of him if he sign without receiving your cheque.. you dont have to be bothered by the seller.. he cant do a sh*t
  8. Amazing that all 3 of you are registered on the same day, registration number just a few numbers apart and are selling the same shop.. booo to you.. spammer.. if you are selling something just reveal yourself.. and be a proper business person... dont treat people here as fools...
  9. whee did you custom make this chair?
  10. well.. I just got a cheque from them on lowering of my tax rate to 4% for owner occupancy concession over the period of construction.
  11. http://shop.ebay.com.sg/i.html?_nkw=sign+h...mp;_trksid=m270
  12. Thanks bro.. I dont understand the rule here... if I fail, I will be taxed for the land value? So why cant they tell me if I can claim or cannot claim in the first place? How to fail the claim? The truth is i didnt stay at the place when it was been rebuild.. so i dont think i should be taxed.. seems like another ploy to make their own coffer bigger by having vague rules? hahaha
  13. Was trying to claim for vacancy tax refund for my construction period but was rejected Reasons 1) Relief in the form of vacancy refund is given to owners who intend to let our their properties but unable to find a tenant despite reasonable effort 2) Building has been undergoing repairs for the purposes of rending it fit for occupation 3) Does not cover restoration, renov, etc etc.. Was told that i can however claim for remission of property tax instead.. so at least i can claim something... But anyone knows the different? Also, IRAS ask me to complete a form (which they didn't attached in their letter) together with a copy of the Lodgement Form or Written Permission issued by URA... What is this Lodgement Form or Written Permission issued by URA... ??? Want to write in to ask but they didnt give me an email address.. so wonder if any kind soul here know else i will seek these people out.. TIA..
  14. wow... true to the disney spirit..... cannot believe you guys actually did it... kudos..
  15. best way to check recon or a&a is to ask your engineer and the link in URA that yoongf has provided..