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  1. I am looking for a LED replacement for my 40w G9 Halogen bulbs. Any idea where I can get them? Seems like the usual lighting shops don't carry them. tks
  2. i agree. i wouldn't mind paying a one time charge to buy and setup the equipment and then have full total control on when i want to activate the system. by signing on a security package, u are tied down to their system and thereafter, they will come and ask u to upgrade as they no longer support the older model that u have. hence for me, i just need a simple set up that alert me when there's a break-in so that i can alert my neighbours. good thing is, i have good neighbours that help out each other.
  3. tks. image and video. I have an IP based camera at home sitting in my drawers as i wasn't able to configure it back then. might want to try it again. what is needed for it to send sms? for the M1 solution...not much diff from signing on a home security package. I want to avoid recurring monthly charges. txs
  4. Per above, is there such a device that is standalone with need for wiring and pay hedfty monthly charges? I have someone at home most of the time. The only time i need a home security system is when all of us goes on a holiday. All I need is for a standalone device that can send a alert to my mobile phone whenever there's motion detected within the confines of my home. I don't need any of those survelliance cameras or alarms etc. pls help.
  5. though i did not eventually buy from Uni, i would recommend them. while shopping for our sofa, we pop into their Kadut shop no less than 3 times. everytime the sales guys were patient and not pushy. too bad eventually we saw a design we like 1 floor up. they did say theirs are made in their factory in malaysia. i will take it with a pinch of salt if anyone claim their sofas are made in italy and selling at 1k to 3k
  6. I am looking to replace the above. Any idea where can i get them at wholesale price as I need to get quite a few pieces of them. Pictures for illustration. Not exaclt the same. Preferrable, the locks are of better quality. tks in advance
  7. some materials for a roller blind comes in specific width. 175cm is considered wide, hence choices are more limited.
  8. i've those hairline cracks on my new walls too. if you have some left over paint, and those paint after a while will harden into a paste like consistency. do not throw them away. they are good to fill the cracks.
  9. the only thing to say YZS is he's entrepreneur. YLZ no longer conduct FS himself? my place was seen by him just end of last year. my kid name was also proposed by him. we just called him directly and make appt. his taxi driver disciple will take him to the location
  10. yah...no help in part by some mothers who advise their daughters to live by the lase of "what mine is mine and what yours is mine"
  11. I am looking to replace my existing house number sign to one that has the house number embossed/etched/engraved (not sure which is the correct term). anyone has any idea where to get them? tks
  12. what are the more common popular sites for homer decor shopping.
  13. Hi, I am looking to diy my water feature as I am constrained by the place where i am going to place the water feature. Those off the shelves ones taht we've seen at Far East and Fukai are too big. I came across this site that has the corrrect fibre glass tank, and all the necessary pumps SingaproeGarden But it doesn't sell the bricks. is there a place that i can get good and cheap bricks? Far East tends to be costly. Can I connect various fountains to 1 pump? where did u get your stuffs for your water feature? tks.
  14. just to contribute my holdhold system. both wife and me controbute 10% of our salary to a joint acct. if any bonus, 10% of that goes into the joint too. this joint acct is for groceries, kid's expense like tuition, insurance, parents allowance, utilities and her car loan. some other household goes to my credit card giro scheme. these things i do not claim back. husband and wife cannot be too picky. i bring back a fatter bacon, so right fully, i should be the one paying more. during our last reno, i paid for most of the applicance. we both have a rough idea of each other savings. i think she is more clueless to mine as mine is spread over a few banks. we celebrate each other's bonus and increment as we know the household will get more. we do not know each other's PIN number. Our joint account needs only one of our signature. we been though our own ups and downs and sort those out. money can make or break a marriage. best to get it sort out before getting hitched
  15. correct. i swear by T5 lightings. available 1ft to 4ft. use them in my cove, kitchen counter bottom, toilet counter bottom and feature wall mood light. cheap and easy. and slimmer than the Ikea light shown by TS