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  1. Since the cheque bounced ... meaning that the "OTP'' has not been exercised. You definately have the right to market your house. However, I gathered you could get yr agent to check with the prospective buyers on how this could happened and on their interest. Could be a case of carelessness. As for your valvuation report ... it is still valid .... the said buyer would only pay upon exercising the OTP right .... correct me if I am wrong....
  2. Totally agreed. From the recent buyuing spree from my friends ... the DBSS @ Boon Keng (hope I got the term correctly) ... for a 4room .. at the price of $590k... the price really far fetch!!!
  3. Thanks for all the reply. Well juz to share, I draw a fixed income while my wife is on commision base. During our HLE application, I submitted our Letter of Assessment (A total of abt 120K, including bonuses). However, HDB requested my wife to submit her 12 months payslip. Guesed that resulted the failure of our application. The reply from HBD was, our combine ceiling was $8800. Anyway, we had since taken a loan from the banks. Next step is our 1st appointment in end of Nov.
  4. Nice 3D desgns ... am new here and will definately learn and re-learn from all bro & sis here. Can pm me the damage for your reno too. Thanks. Can't wait to see the finished pics ... cheers
  5. Hi Cutie, New here and muz comment that you did a great job in the reno. Very impressed too on yr bargaining skills and source for better deals. Muz share with us ..... Would appreciate if you can send me the contacts too for the curtians ... thanks
  6. Wardrodes are usually designed on the left side, to hang ones colthing while on the right, for folded ones. However often then not ... one usually would stack the folded clothings. This usually resulted in overly stacked, MIA clothings etc. Was wondering if there are an "upgrades" which one can buy to improve on this right column problem. I remembered while holidaying in Switzerland ... I came across a gadget where one could pull-out a basket. This feature is an add-on to the wardrode. The depth is about 1 feet deep. Juz nice enough for folded items. When required ... u only need to pull-out. Anyone knows where one can buy this from?? Thanks in advance
  7. Juz curious if a combine salary of 120k on last year Notice Of Assessment can one qualify for HLE? Thanks in advance for any comments....