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  1. Can someone please PM me or email me for Mr. Quek, Mr. Ong and Mr. Keong contact? my email: jimuzu@hotmail.com Many many thanks!!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. thinking of knocking down the wall on the fridge side, but it will look odd as the stove side wall stand alone
  3. Yes, it is. my family has 3 members
  4. Yes, thinking of knocking the walls off and make a Island. But won't it be odd if wall that house the stove is still on?
  5. it is in pasir ris.Thought of bringing the dining table to the balcony. Glass door would be dangerous if got kids , right? Although it surely look nice and spacious
  6. The layout of my house seems to be very odd,it looks really small, they're are not much place to put TV. I would like to seek the opinions of all of you , in better manage the spaces and probable design I could adopt. Thanks
  7. Any kind souls recommend me any good curtain maker and glass door contractor?
  8. Anyone got any contact for repairing of laminated flooring,I forgot to close the window last night, rain water got on to my flooring, the whole laminated flooring pop up. very very ulgy!!! any kind soul can help to advice on any contact that you have?
  9. More photos of my standard house
  10. Not beautiful la, Normal standard home
  11. I live admiralty 600 plus, haha. U ? I will upload more photos la, really busy with work ar, have not been updating the blog
  12. Hi!! Anyone has any contact with contractor or firm which deal with installation and repairing of glass door. Mine is not very well done and need to do some adjustment on it. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi !! anyone know of any contractor or firm which deal with installation and repairing of glass door for my kitchen,mine is really hazardous now as the contractor never do it properly. Thanks in advance
  14. Here are some of the 3D design by my ID (Winnie). Living room/ Dinning area MBR Toilet Please feel free to give me comments , thanks Hahaha, my blk at 687B. I paid COV 13K la I brought at Expo rd show at $1450 , it is huge la
  15. Thanks for all ur comments. I am doing feature wall for living room and MBR. Two toilets are overhauling,as i believe toilet very important for a house Hi pinkpetter, I spent large portion of the reno on toilets, as it is the portion which i feel that might not match the modern look theme. I changed all the doors, all to veneer doors, and change the toilet doors, install kitchen glass door, raised platform near the full length window, feature wall in MBR and living room, overlay laminated flooring for all room, errect divider for dinning area, overhaul the toilets ( install light box)................ I can consider myself touching up all the loose end which the previous owner has not done to make the whole house looks really nice la. Aiya, I am afraid so much money on reno, the final might not be impressive, hehehe
  16. The first day of reno will be on 16 March, tentative completion date 24 April. I have post some of the original state of the resale flat Original look of my living room Original look of my Kitchen Original look of MBR These are some of the furniture that i have brought I will post some of 3D designs of my house and all of you can see what i do with minimal budget
  17. 5 room flat in Woodlands with minimum budget set to impress "IF" ID perform Below is my flat layout ID: Summit Pte Ltd Designer: Winnie Lim Budget:???? as minimal as possible
  18. anyone care to advice me, $7 per sq ft to do up the tiling work in my bathroom, do u think it is reasonable ? Hacking job will cost a lump sum of 900 dollar. Please advice?
  19. The add is 61,63, Jalan Indah 16/12 Taman Bukit Indah 81200 Johor Bahr Tel:072364688
  20. Thanks for ur advice, Kevin. Who is the ID person In-charge, just in case they change company name. PM the person in-charge , what to look out for this kind of ID home.
  21. Ok, i went to the furniture area in malaysia to have another look today. It is at Bukit Indah, there are couples of shop over there selling furniture, i mean designer furniture.
  22. All these I already work out with the seller already, it is a reputable company in malaysia. The most important is the price I paid is 2 ,3 times lower than in singapore. So the risk in fact commensurate with lower price that i pay, hahhaah. Everything is based on calculated risk,hahaha
  23. haha, the air con was installed at the right side of the wall