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  1. jesslyn, shocked and sad to see ur plight. have not been following the blog after my reno has finished. hope u and hubby can settled this issue and reno ur house fast.
  2. sad to know from rondy you all got into such a fix with ah soon. especially jesslyn and her family cos i knew them and they even come to my housewarming then. i finished my reno works in july. started in may. i did not know about ah soon's debt problem. if i knew, i won't even went into the reno with him. just the late handover by 1 month plus and I presume he is busy with other projects as from the forum, there are really projects going on at the same time as mine. maybe at that time, he is still ok. as for flying aeroplane and not answering calls, think all have experienced that before and after engaging him. asking for payments wise, i do not give him everything at one time. only when work is going to start. think my reno went along quite smoothly. hope this can be resolved for the ones affected.
  3. i am using fujioh hood and hod and i am very satisfied with the performance. easy to use and clean. no regrets.
  4. thanks pink. can ask uncle soon's workers to help la. they will be much faster in actions (i mean clearing up)
  5. so nice of Mickey M. more people to volunteer? see, pink. dun fret. sigh. i wanna help too but had a nasty fall last sat. now recovering at home.
  6. 好久不见。 Uncle人很好商量的。很多问题说清楚就没事了。 希望你的装修工程顺顺利利!在我再次进来的时候,可以看到装修后的屋子。
  7. blue and pink: very nice reno done. like the cove lighting
  8. hahaha. ya lor. i come in and look for your thread liao... must be honoured leeeehhhh... kekeke got housewarming i wanna come huh...
  9. wah congrats. house completing soon wor!! when handover?
  10. reno progress going well. haha, saw the conditions of your flat in your hp tat day. really cannot make it. but after reno, will be super swee. awaits the transformation.
  11. keke, paiseh ivy. my cd rack arrived today. will take pic soon and post... wat coupons thing???
  12. thanks to all those who attended: jesslyntan and hubby, familyof4, ivy and ur hubby (right?), skyblue and rondy. ah wei came very early and left also very early. elder goh and uncle came. (hope i did not miss out anyone) hope all you find the food ok. enjoy the national day holiday. tmr another session with relatives.
  13. yeah. can follow on your reno progress. see ya tmr