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  1. Hi aubrey, can PM me Ah Soon's contact? Thanks.

  2. wow just logged in after some time and im quite shocked to see the seriousness of this problem and with ah soon. its sad to hear how the great has fallen but everyone is not without imperfections. i deeply sympathize with those who are stuck in a deep rut due to uncle and i hope that your remaining journey goes smoothly without a hitch.
  3. oo hello im also one of uncle's client earlier this year. your house is challenging and theres more work involved, dont lose heart! the outcome will be well worth your effort! looking forward to more pics!
  4. hi! havent been logging in here for quite some time. here's my answers: 1) it is for the entrance. my toilet is the older type, so there is a wall to separate it. PD door so far so good, just that the one for my toilet is a little defective. I cant lock it properly for the top. will have to call uncle to help me out with that. its all quoted by uncle, i have to go home to check. but its not too ex. 2) i think its approx.. $750 or $800? all my items are quoted by uncle, so I have to check with him. u have to take note of your own family habits to be able to answer if its easy to clean and maintain. currently there are only 2 people in my house; mother and I. we cook rather "healthy" dishes that is not too oily so it doesnt really mess up the kitchen and the glass door is still pretty clean after 1 month. my advice is to perhaps wipe it every 2 wks or even a month. but if u cook a lot, have a lot of people in the house, u may need to put in more effort to maintain. 3) i scrapped the idea of collapsible table. i came up with something else with the help of my friend. its a longish table with cushioned seats that can be "kept" under the table. something like those tables u find in school canteens. i will take a pic to show u what i mean. 4) yes there are joints. granite table tops have a fixed length and needs to be joined. especially mine as my kitchen counter is L-shaped. u can ask for a thicker profile cos mine is really thin. but of cos that was when i didnt know any better. but so far so good, thin as it may be, its serving us well. maybe cos we are pretty gentle and do simple cooking. 2 people, dont need to whip up a feast. sorry to only reply now, i hope you get to read this and its of use to you!
  5. booy, got 3 pics!! its so messy leh.. actually ya i wanna start a thread called lived in pictures of newly renovated houses. mess is certain, how messy it is will be something else. cos from there we can see how various ppl organize their houses. so interesting! ivy, u havent started packing huh? nvm la.. take more pics of toilet. i wonder how it looks now.
  6. i think i shld post a pic of it now.. cos we messed it up!! only clean up swee swee for taking pic, after pic we just dump things there.
  7. f4, thanks!! i will be taking more pics in time to come! gonna hop over to ikea over the long weekend to get curtain rods and stuff. then will wait for my auntie to pass me the curtains she made for us, i cant wait!!!
  8. thank you!! my pictures not very well taken tho.. i got my clock in bangkok back in 2005. i think u can find it here now. price wise i forgot how much it is, i believe its cheap. unfortunately i believe i exerted too much force and one of the buttons to press is spoilt.
  9. hi matchgirl! so paisei... i left my card reader in the office so i couldn't upload the photos taken. now im free to upload.. here u go! as for your quote.. u need to tell me what u are doing for your house. then i can gauge against mine and advice you. hope this helps! Rdnest, thanks for your kind words. going strong, just recently going thru some upheaval in life. ok la.. not very serious ones but still the same nonetheless.
  10. hahah i want leh... so cute!
  12. can u use turpentine? or thinner? just a little bit to wipe? so means no one here has tried inox cream huh.. interesting.. wonder what results will it yield.
  13. met uncle and ah tan alr. may need to switch over to singtel broadband since the signal for cable is too weak after being split 3 ways. as for uncle, minor issues all set, just need to get elder goh to install my stuff. excited again. but moderate excitement. realised i have spent too much time at RT during work. must cut back a little.
  14. no im not really! just this streak of bad luck.. and previously i was using instant shower. need to get used to it.
  15. my pressure for rain shower also not strong enough to my liking. i think u can manually adjust the pressure yourself but ask uncle how first? and try to do it overnight i.e. u shower tonight, sleep then tmr try to fix it cos the pipes are VERYYY hot and i was "scalded" a few times before. :0