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  1. I was looking around for downlight recently, surprisingly I found Philips downlight is much cheaper than what I thought. and some local brands which I never heard before is more expensive. the cheapest 10W Philips downlight I found is S$11.9, the one i found from Philips authorized dealer is S$12.9. but 9w/10w local brand downlight normally is above S$20. anyone know why branded downlight like Philips is cheaper than unknown brand? Philips has been in light industry for so long, their goods should be better than those unknown brands.
  2. I also googled this one, browsed through their online catalogue, dont like their color, not sure whether they can allow customizing color.
  3. I'm doing renovation for my new house, and planned to change doors for 3 bedrooms, but today my contractor told me he can not provide the doors I want, as a backup plan, I'm thinking to find the doors myself, anybody here know where to find those doors? thanks
  4. Yeah, Apple to Apple, I've quite firmed what I want. I was talking to Mrs Quek, should I directly contact Patrick, does that make different?
  5. mine one is 4A, they quoted me 29k, while other quotations I received is around 24k
  6. Today I got quotation from Ho Bee, send out by Mrs Quek, surprisely it is quite expensive. I thought Ho Bee as a contractor, price should be low.... You guys have any ideal? Can bargain with them?
  7. Talked to one contractor, seems he dont know AC5 or AC3, he only talked about Grade A, Grade B. .... I went to Supreme website, also can't find AC5/AC3...why? Can anybody tell me where these two terms are coming from?
  8. Yeah, it is S$1350, seems that also surprised you. what I want is 3m x 0.5m, I need mentioned the demension I want last time, will email back later. so how.... Maybe I have to let my study go....or let the contractor go....
  9. Contract quoted me 1350 for this study table. I thought a few hundreds can do already
  10. Does the price mentioned above includes labour fee?
  11. No body use AC3? Seems AC5 is quite good, How much difference between AC5 and AC3 in terms of price?
  12. Thanks, wondering wheter laminated plywood can be made to be very glossy? other than lateminated plywood, any more? slightly ex one?
  13. I'd like to do a work/study table from wall to wall, but I dont know what kind of material I can use, one of the contractor asked me to use wood, then cover by a piece of glass, after i hear this, but feel this kind of design should be outdated already, anybody has any ideal what material I can use? done not recomment those super ex one , my budget is tight. thx
  14. Hi everybody, start talking with IDs/Contractors about my renovation. Have a question here, which brand /what material do you use for kitchen worktop? everytime they only said they will use solid surface, but which brand/material they never mentions. Does anybody know detail about this? what brands are avaliable in the market and which one is perfered? Thanks very much.
  15. I'm planning to get laminate floor for my 3 bed room, but saw some posts here, says laminate floor is not easy to maintain, and it become ugly after a few years, wondering whether that is ture. want to ask those who using laminate floor for maybe more than 1 year, how is status of your floor, and how do you clean the floor? can use wet mop? Thanks very much