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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for about 20 pieces of plain ceramic tiles (size can be from 5x5cm to 10x10cm) for an art and craft projects for kids. Wonder if any members happen to have leftover some from renovation? Thanks in advance!
  2. hi im looking at installing my window grills pls pm me your contacts.

  3. I recommend a very good window/window grille installer. Direct, not thru ID/contractor. Much cheaper than thru them. And his after sale service is very good. PM me if interested
  4. i agree. everjoint is typically cheaper than those giant stores. I bought my fridge, cooker and hob, washing machine there. Only thing is that they only accept cash and not credit card.
  5. call everjoint to ask for quotation. Most likely they will be cheaper than hoe kee by at least $50
  6. i ordered from everjoint in amk ave 4. the boss Mr Lee gave very good rate and does not charge for 2 trips.
  7. i see. How about haulage fees for new flats? I understand got to give to the hdb main con at the site. But how much is it?
  8. Hi, May I know who pays for this? Cos I saw in one quotation that it was included there while the others don't have this item
  9. can anyone also kindly PM me alex's contact? thanks
  10. thanks. Below is the list of what we want to do. Not in sequence since we also not sure what the sequence should be. 1. cabinet/display cabinet/feature wall with tic-tac door to cover the bomb shelter door. 2. homogeneous flooring for living room, paasageway and 3 bedrooms, with skirting 3. L-box/false ceiling for living/dining room. install ceiling fan in middle of living room 4. false ceiling for passageway 5. Kitchen cabinet top and bottom. Indian Black Galaxy granite top. kitchen cabinet base. sink area built on concrete. install sink, hood and hob 6. door for kitchen 7. piping for kitchen 8. raised platform in service yard for washing machine and fridge 9. Tempered glass shower screen in MBR bathroom. Install 2x instant water heaters, install bathroom accessories 10. Other standard process such as painting, electrical, piping, chemical wash etc 11. aluminium grill 12. windows and grill for service yard 13. solid top for MBR bay window 14. install ceiling lights in kitchen, service yard, bathrooms, bedrooms, bomb shelter 15. install system-3 aircon any advice on what we can directly find sub-con to do and what we may need a main con to do? I suppose those works that are independent from the rest can be given to sub-con? Such as painting after all reno is done, shower screen, grill, windows for service yard, kitchen carpentry even? thanks in advance
  11. can someone post their reno schedule for my reference? It does not matter if it's a resale or new flat. thanks in advance
  12. Hi, For a newly completed flat (standard type, not premium type), can anyone advise on the sequence of renovation? Or can reference to any renovation, even for resale flat? I am thinking of which part of the reno I can directly look for sub-con and those that really need the main con or ID. For a start, I suppose that laying homogeneous tiles can be directly done by tiler. Window grilles also. Shower screen also.
  13. Hi, Anyone has a good tiler to recommend? thanks
  14. anyone with the contact given by yuenyuen can send me the contact too? thanks