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  1. Is the shop at people's park still there? I am also looking for one. Which brand is good? Diplomat? savco/bumil? yale? What brands are there in the market?
  2. zhiz, yup. thats the problem. so u have to know the model and the brand that you want. Then you can call them up to check the prices. I have been hunting for electronics as well. Need a fridge and all and it is really difficult. oh well.. what to do...
  3. zhiz - depends on what brand you want I guess. Teka warehouse sale the prices are even better than smaller shops. If not you can try parisilk, goh ah bee, hong liang i guess. Sometimes Harvey got special buy also not bad price.
  4. Hi Sparkles, I also considered FE611XS1 before. In fact, I almost bought it. I thought it seems rather good. They were saying that Brandt is the sister company of De Detrich so the technology is quite good. They mentioned that the temperature in the brandt is more constant and more accurate. So i think Brandt is a better choice? Isn't it cheaper as well? I bought Teka as I like the Telescopic tray function.
  5. I am using teka induction as well. I think induction is really good especially for cooking soup. 3 zones for 600. Hmm personally, I have not seen that price before. However, I understand from my friend that mayer had a warehouse sale and they were selling at that price. Maybe you can check it out. On Average - 3 zone cost about 1000ish.
  6. eittus


    Hi, I am thinking of getting a bed from avanni - customize bed. Just wanted to know how is the quality like.
  7. Actually the tiles shop has pricing on the tiles already. It is like a rrp price. However, these tiles shop will sell the tiles to the contractor at contractor price. Which is where they make money from. So if you see that it is $20, it might be $17 and the contractor earn the $3 lo.
  8. wow. that is rather pricey. The second quote you gotten seems better. Lower price and they allow you to pick more expensive marble. Sometimes they will select some marble to show you for you to decide if you want the marble they picked. Otherwise, they will bring you to 1-2 shop whereby you can choose the marble from the store yourself. Do they include ID work? Maybe that is why it is so expensive? They do 3-d design for you? selection of colour scheme etc? Does it include the toilet accessories? (wc, sink etc) Electrical points? The lights for the electrical points?
  9. I am using Teka. It is not really the oven that spoilt. It is the previous electrician didnt place the wire properly and cause the wire to lie onto the oven so it burns and hence cannot work. So the teka guys took it out and fix it. Pretty easy i think. What is your budget? I had been looking for an oven for a while as i am going to shift to another place. I have settled for a teka oven again. I can try to help you. Many ovens come with fan nowadays. There are some in-house promotion that can be quite good. Brandt seems not bad as well. Since they say that it is the sister company of de detrich. Depends on your budget I guess. But to me, temperature control more important i guess and brandt has increase or decrease temperature by 5degrees so it is more precise. But different brand different function. depends on your demands.
  10. I think it should be easy to replace. I am having a built in oven. Has been there for like 5 years. Broke down once. Had to get the guy to repair. I guess the only issue is that if you want to replace, you will have to get the same size.
  11. Lumiere is near the famous bak kut teh there. Hmm.. balestier road.
  12. The ground floor is build on top of concrete and soil. So when it rains the water flows into the garden outside then it water will floor below as well. So when it heats up, water vapour comes up. So will have water marks. BUT if you water proof it properly then it should be ok. As for the upstairs flooring, if your budget allows you, it is best to redo. I think it changes the outlook of the interior as well. So it is good. Usually staircase are made of metal and concrete. But load wise, hmmm i am not sure if it can hold the marble weight. I think can la. I think your contractor will be able to advise better ba. Most likely can la. Renovation is easier than A&A lo. A&A need to apply for alot of permits. So yours starting reno soon ar?
  13. Migram - I think he mentioned his area earlier. It is 1817sq feet. hm..
  14. I think you can shift the WC but short distance. 3m Seems far. You need to check with the plumber i guess. I use homogenous tiles for my car pouch as well. A little like granite. I think it is better. My current house uses REAL granite for the carpouch and it has loads to stains (grey turning to yellowish at the sides) since it is rather porous. I think tiles with pebble wash is the nicest. Provided they go a good job for the pebble wash. My current house pebble wash got some problems with it. Some of the pebbles come off when we wash the floor. Maybe it is at the roof garden which has direct sunlight or something. But my current contractor says that if it is properly done, there shouldn't be this problem. Marble probably has better resale value. BUT remember to ask them to do water proofing well for the areas that you wanna place marble. This resale place that I just bought used to have marble flooring. I thought that I can keep the marble flooring but i notice that there are some big black patches every now and then. At first I thought that they are just dust and dirt but apparently they are cause by water marks. Since Marble are porous and the previous contractors did not water proof the floor properly, the heat cause the water to rise up from below and hence, the water marks. As for the flooring, you can consider to redo or re-vanish I guess. I did not redo the flooring even though I find it awful as well. I am going to re-vanish. I think re-do will cost alot. As for the staircase support, you mean the railings or the floor support? To build a staircase, they need to use metal and concrete for the floor support followed by parquet on top of the concrete. If you mean railings, some people uses wood, metal, concrete or glass. Depends on your house concept I guess. Are you doing A&A or just renovating it?
  15. Hi, I think it is difficult to shift the toilet 3 m away due to sewage pipe. Water pipes are no problem at all. They have alot of regulations on sewage pipe i think. I think laminates are not good. It tend to spoil easily i think. I am also doing up my place now. Some A&A works. Almost done. I think they are laying the carpouch tiles today. Wind 30 - why not change your living room flooring to homogenous tiles? Looks like marble and cheap and easier to maintain. Hmm. Peg - I think wood parquet is better. Hmm.. Some of them are also using tiles which looks like wood. But I still prefer Parquet. I am polishing my house parquet. I think it should be fine.