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  1. Does shelleys blockade spread out easily over a big area? Or does it come out like toothpaste? I worry that one canister may not be enough for length of balcony window? Does all homefix branches stock shelleys?
  2. the problem is....how would I know which type of sealant works best? Going for 'better' ones would mean probably having to buy online from overseas.
  3. hwaa > Bsc? No, its not a new flat, its a renovated resale actually. albertchng> Is the silicon water-based? I asked because the 'ledge' that I would like to apply on is along the stretch of the long balcony window - quite long. Tooth-paste version might not be enough. Hardware shop, are those ones which sell paint?
  4. Hi, Any pointers how I can fix a large long crack? Would using a caulk gun help?
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix leakage problem at the balcony window with damp walls except that my window doesnt have a sill. Its the closed casement type. I suspect that rainwater leaks from the outside window ledge into the flat. I saw window installer applying a water-based waterproofing sealant using a paint-brush but I dont know where to get it. Hope someone can point me in the right direction!
  6. How about placement of aircon compressor? Can just install outside any window with steel brackets? Need to drill holes to run piping from compressor into house?
  7. Possible to have additional compressor installed without applying for hdb permit?
  8. Hi, i have looked around and i thought i saw what could have been flat units with 'non-hdb approved' installed aircon condensors? What i meant was that these condensors are installed on steel brackets outside windows with no aircon panels on the lower wall area. An example of aircon-designated areas would be just outside the Master Bedroom. But these aircons are placed outside the living room windows. I wonder if its possible to do that? I assume small holes are drilled on the lower wall for aircon piping. I'm thinking of installing a second condensor for the living room but prefer it not to be in the service balcony to save space. Your thoughts?
  9. Hi, Just wondering has anyone done their cooking in the service balcony? Thought about it as service balcony has wide row of windows which offers better ventilation compared to cooking inside the kitchen further in and causing more oily mess and staining the kitchen laminate.
  10. Tiler Seng, can you PM me your email? Thanks.
  11. Can share the shop, contact and pricing if possible? Thanks. PM me.
  12. For those who have had their reno done by Henry, can i ask if his 3D designs are up to scratch and interesting? Worried that the designs are plain and of the common type.
  13. Anyone purchased the splendid clima 16? Any reviews of it and how much it costs ?