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  1. Does anyone know where I can get the clip for this light fixture?
  2. Hello all. Just want to find out if anyone uses portable air conditioner? Is it good enough to cool a living room?
  3. With HDTV, there are many factors affecting your viewing experience of the TV. One factor is viewing distance. Generally, your viewing distance should be between two to five times your screen width. Personally, I think plasma do a better at displaying free-to-air channels, or standard definition TV. http://www.practical-home-theater-guide.com/ is a good place to do some reading up. If you want to save yourself a headache, just enjoy what you have lor.
  4. By 3rd party, I meant the town council, or police, etc. Good that you plan to speak to them personally first all the best!
  5. As long as you paid a fair value for your flat, it does not matter how much the others were being sold.
  6. Have you spoken to your neighbours yet? It is better to understand the situation from them before you get a third party into the picture.