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  1. Hi, How long a period did they quote you for delivery ? I am very interested in a sofa from them but was told it takes 6 weeks as it is shipped from HK... Not sure if this can be considered a firm date, or if any delays can happen.
  2. There are other brands of refrigerators with also 3 or 4 ticks efficiency, think Mitsubishi Electric has some models in this category. Might even be cheaper than F&P.
  3. The fridge compartment stops cooling completely, but the freezer remains cold. First time happened called F&P down, changed some circuit boards and fan all NOT under warranty (only compressor is warranty more than 1 year), few months later again same problem. Problem is that the coils and motor inside the freezer keeps icing up, and when it does the fridge compartment stops working, so short term fix had to defrost freezer every few months. Had a few more unsuccessful repair attempts until last one 1-2 yrs back, got a 3rd party repairman to come look at it, dunno what he changed but luckily has been behaving itself since then, just makes some noise now and then. But I told myself next time it breaks down, its junking time. Dunno how much I spent on repair bills plus so much spoilt food thrown away over the years. Compared to my previous General Electric (American made) fridge, problem free for almost 20 years, still working when it was taken away by the karang guni man....
  4. I am using a F&P fridge for the last 6 yrs and had a lot of problems with it starting from year 3. I would not recommend it to anyone.
  5. Actually from what I've seen, the $99 Ikea pine bed seems better designed and built than a $200+ cheap "solid wood" type bed from Malaysia from neighbourhood store. Comparing queen size with queen size, the Ikea bed has an extra centre "spine" with a row of legs in the centre of the bed to support the mattress, and metal cross bracing diagonally across the bed. The Malaysian one is only 4 legs at each corner, and just uses long planks across the width to support, doesn't look as strong or steady.
  6. Ikea ? They have a solid pinewood design, $49 for single and $99 for queen. Can't think of cheaper than that.
  7. I remember seeing this place that says they can do custom sizes. Link
  8. 1. the Fagelbo is much larger, its for a tiny studio apartment 2. $199 vs $1099
  9. Need some opinions. I'm thinking of using a daybed like the Ikea one below as a sofa in a living room. Probably with large cushions and a nicer type of bedcover (maybe satin?) I can't imagine if this would look awful and too much like a bedroom Does anyone have pictures of a daybed in a living room for comparison ? Thanks
  10. My newspaper delivery lady rolls the paper up with a rubber band and throws it (expert aim !) into my porch between my car and the verandah pillar. Very good aim I must say, it has always landed in around the same area for the last 7 yrs.... !!
  11. I am collecting the keys to a 1.5 yr old private apartment that has a really bad placement of the circuit breaker/ DB board/ telephone mains. Its smack in the centre of a living room wall and encased by a small wall cabinet that extends down to around waist level, making the entire wall quite unusable. I am wondering if its possible to relocate everything on the same wall, either left or right to one corner and higher up. Anyone know how difficult or expensive this will be to relocate ?
  12. Thanks v much for the advice, very helpful
  13. Thanks guys for the help. Just another question on the DIY, is it easier to cut film to exact size before sticking, or stick then use penknife and cut around edges of window ? I am thinking of the second method, but am concerned about cutting the window rubber seal.
  14. Anyone knows where to get clear "frosted" look window film for DIY ? Are these easy to DIY apply ? I have some windows that I would like to cover the lower half for privacy, but would still like sunlight to pass through. Thanks
  15. Hi, can elaborate on this pls ? is there some rule against gates opening outwards onto the road ?