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  1. I would appreciate if you could PM me the contact for Aron. Many thanks, Desmond
  2. It is true that there are not many landed properties for sale at Telok Kurau currently. I would encourage you to look at slightly beyond Telok Kurau if you are keen. If you are interested to know more, please PM me.
  3. Well, if you are interested in the east side which is my speciality, please PM me. I am in the property line...
  4. Hi All, I am renovating a inter terrace house and would like to find out how those in landed properties manage the delivery of newspapers if you have a car porch. I am designing a nice gate and a tube just hanging outside would not be appropriate. Would appreciate it if you could share your concepts/ideas. Many thanks, Mparade
  5. Good pictures! I am planning to renovate a inter terrace with an airwell and a pond. Costs seem rather high to construct a pond with filtration system and wondering whether you would also be getting a pond. By the way, what are lighting points? The forum has some info that cost of installing a lighting point is about $25 and cost of installing a light is $8. I am contemplating to get Legrand mosaic switches as they have better looking dimmer switches. Which range would you be getting? Would appreciate it if you could share your experience.
  6. Hi all, I just knew about the 2008 range and the prices seem to have increased. My house will not be ready till March '08 but I need to make decision soon so that I could get the specifications to buid in. I am hoping that they may do some kind of introductory sale. If anyone knows of any, please let me know. Chunky Monkey, saw your blog and I could feel for you as I am going through almost similar issues. Keep us updated. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Please note that the Elmark fan is not as efficient as it is supposed to be. The fans should be circulating at a slow speed around the centre but the Elmark version increases the circulating speed as the fan speed increases. There is a version at X-tra called the Matthews Fan which cost a lot more but it is designed the way it is supposed to be. The fan circulate around the centre slowly regardless of the speed of the fans. Regards, Mparade
  8. Dear Gurus, I am trying to find out which is the best retailer (in terms of price) to get De Dietrich conventional, microwave and steam oven. Would appreciate it if you could help on this. Many thanks,
  9. I would appreciate it if anyone could PM me the handy list as I have a new house to furnish. Email: mparade@yahoo.com Many thanks....
  10. Hi there, I bought a collapsible mahjong table (or rather folderable) a few weeks ago. It was S$188, bought from a 4D shop at Katong Shopping Mall. However, you have to order and wait for a few days for the delivery as the shop is like a 'middle man'. It may be cheaper elsewhere but I could not find it in Singapore. It was made of wood and branded under 'Taiyo' - games table. Seems quite good, nice and most importantly, easy to store. Regards,
  11. Hi to all, I am seeking for a supplier of high quality wall systems or a maker of wall systems, to the likes of 'Poliform'. Would appreciate it if anyone could help me on this? I am concerned that the local customised carpentry work will not be able to produce the quality that I desire. Please note that I am extremely particular on the quality of the wall systems where there are no lines on the joints, good choices of wall panels and high quality mechanisms. Thank you....