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  1. Thanks for your help dude!!!! Really appreciate it if it really works for me.
  2. icer

    Artificial Plants

    Ikea got fake plants too and they are rather cheap.
  3. Anyone knows where I can buy Grout Haze/Residue Remover? I tried finding at those 'Fix It' shops but cannot find.
  4. Hi guys, Seriously need some help here. My renovation is almost done and I discovered that the area around my tiles grout is blurred instead of being glossy. When against the light, you can see that the tiles are generally glossy except for the areas around the grout/lines. It's obvious that it's due to some actions of cleaning the grout and it has affected the tile itself. The tile that I am having is homogenous tiles. I have done some research online and it seems that these are the possible solutions to the problem. 1) Grout Haze Remover 2) Grout Residue Remover 3) Vinegar 4) Muriatic Acid 5) Waxing the affected areas again to get the shine back And my contractor is clueless as to why this happened and has apparently no solution now. If there's any contractor here who offer such services to solve this problem, I am willing to pay for it as well. Please let me know. Really need some help yet. Thank you very much in advance guys!
  5. I am doing my reno now. No, I don't think need to go down to HDB for the approval. My contractor settled everything for me.
  6. Hi, Can I ask if the washer and dryer is functioning well? I heard that it's not good to have 2-in-1 washer dryer. Is it true?
  7. I might need that narrow washer and dryer too!
  8. Hi, Anyone knows where I can get those ceiling fans with blades that will be hidden when the fan is off? Coz trying to look for something that doesn't affect the overall design of the living room.
  9. But I was referring to the private properties market....where did I mentioned HDB flats? What are you talking about?
  10. This is great! I am sure someone will start saying that these measures are not going to affect the market and that prices will continue to go up. Let's wait and see.
  11. Another hype created. I am sure there are buyers but not as overwhelming as it seems. The media coverage is good publicity and it's worth paying the students to queue.
  12. Actually it's not low, just lower as compared to the previous months. Now you can still get some units asking for below $30,000. Some time back, everyone was asking for above $50,000, which is really ridiculous. Don't forget this COV thing is above valuation, which means the unit doesn't cost this much according to the market.
  13. I think the COV is dropping after looking through some ads and made some calls.....
  14. Agree. For these few reasons, there's no reasons for the prices to continue to go up. It will be coming down soon. I also realised that the COV for the transacted deals are going down. Those still asking for high COVs are those that usually takes a long time to sell if they ever sell.
  15. The COV is really too high now. Very ridiculous!