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  1. Hi Got a unit of the alpha baby fan for sale. Good working condition. Item already dismantled and ready for collection. Selling the unit for $88. Comes with remote. 3 speed with light. For Photos Please follow the below link https://carousell.com/p/23982979/ SMS/WA to 9six85 9sixsix9. Cheers Self collect at tampines st 81
  2. Selling a BN Sealed LG Air Purifier. Comes with 1 year warranty. Grab it now before being sold out when the haze period comes! Retails at $299 after discount. Dealer willing to take back at $200. So please don't offer below that. Cheers. Selling at $250. Self collect at Tampines.
  3. Hi mind to share what foldable bike is that? Care to pm the brand and price and where did you purchase it? Thanks
  4. Hi like to know as well May i know whats the dimension of the top plate? Whats the height of the stand? Does it comes it black? Cheers
  5. Firstly, did you get an AV Receiver for your home theatre? If yes, the manual should have information regarding the calibration of the HT with its built in calibration system (Audyssey, YPAO etc) to help you calibrate your HT. It should set all the necessary parameters with regards to calibration. As we are not audiophile, this should be good enough start. You may like to also check out this forum Xtremeplace where local Home Theatre enthusiast share ideals and opinions. There are also apps in the Apple Apps store if you are using Iphone, some free, which can make the iphone into a decibel meter. Not as accurate as those professional ones but it will do the job. Not too sure for Android tho. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi all new to this forum... Will like fellow forumers comments on the following IDs that my missus and myself have shortlisted 1) Fuse Concept 2) HC-Interior 3) Rezt and Relax Have any of you guys/gals have any experiences with the above IDs and share with us... In terms of 1) Design Concept 2) Pricing 3) Workmanship 4) Service Thanks