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  1. FYI Upcoming Event: COMEX 2009 COMEX Show 10-13 Sep 2009 (12nn – 9pm) Suntec Singapore
  2. Hmmm for those looking for aircon by established brands eg gaincity can actually go buy... they offering free extended warranty (original price = $359). Not that you need it anyway.
  3. Yup Yup... will be chionging there to buy my starmex!
  4. Hi What is the usual price for the IR repeater? Which shop sells it at a good price? Can share?
  5. Haha... Was actually trying to post this similar info too
  6. Hey Guys, This might be something useful: Chiong ar! Lifestyle Value 2009 24 July 2009 - 26 July 2009 Event type : Lifestyle Venue : Hall 4 Admission : Public - Free Admission Event Schedules : Time: 11am to 9pm Show Profile : There is no better time to hold a lifestlye expo which will gain much interest from the general public and overseas visitors keen on the region. Expect crazy sales, best bargains and massive savings from the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Spa & Beauty, Sports Apparel & Equipment, Tourism & Bridal Industry. You will be spoilt for choice! Organizer : IMG Singapore Pte Ltd Contact Details : Tel : +65 6505 9325 Fax : +65 6235 4819 Email : luke.koh@imgworld.com Website : www.lifestyle-value.com
  7. Yup.. I agree i got to know the range from millenium walk HN
  8. Yar and forgot to mention... Workmanship is important to save you trouble at end of the day... so go for more reputable aircon companies
  9. Hi GC selling mit elec system 3 starmex for 2850 bucks Upgrade to armaflex half inch, copper pipe 22 G costs you 180 bucks 399 for extended warranty. You got your quote from where? Maybe you try hong tar as well?? Yup let the guys see whether your bracket can reuse. Compressor is 27000 BTU, your indoor unit (aka Fan Coil Unit (FCU)) is each 9000 BTU. Since you have three so about 27000 BTU lo. It describes the cooling power of your system.
  10. Hi guys Any one has any comments, feedbacks or experience to share with panasonic aircon? their latest model? Thanks! tad
  11. FYI hong tar cheaper for certain brands of aircon.. do check them out
  12. In the end i bought a samsung 9 kg washer (w/o AG) for 510 bucks with 50 dollar voucher... aircon going to gain city tomolo to see.. probably mitsubishi or panasonic... Just make sure for fridge they never turned it on before bah.. cos fridge needs to settle for 2 hours before you turn them on after moving. doubt they will follow this rule which may otherwise spoil faster. Other electrical should be fine.... That's if you dun bother about scratches....
  13. try panasonic fair at marina square by gain city which is ending today. the same price but give you 200 bucks voucher and digital camera and something else which i forgot. panasonic tend to be a bit more noisy as compared to other brands just FYI. but of course it will not be obvious. You will be safe if you go for brands like sanyo, panasonic, toshiba and/or mitsuhishi. (mitsubishi being the most powerful and quietest, and panasonic/toshiba has good cleaning features, and toshiba compressor made in japan but least powerful) There will always be good and bad comments about each brands so at the end of the day... its just luck. But you can "increase" your luck when you have good workmanship in installation eg hong tar, coolserve and/or gaincity.
  14. Hey guys. Hope i am not too late. For pple looking for panasonic, there's a panasonic fair by gaincity. today last day. Had bought my fridge there. they gave me 200 bucks NTUC vouchers whereas other places eg HN and Mega only 50 bucks voucher. Had looked at the aircon... but too expensive.. think going for cheaper brand... Just to share with you.. the panasonic washing machine uses net mesh filter. may spoil a little easier. other brands eg samsung, toshiba uses more durable filter. FYI. but at the end its only a filter. tad
  15. Yo Guys, Think this is not the right thread but just FYI: Home Design & Decor@Sin Expo, 27 Jun to 5 Jul 2009 Venue : Singapore Expo, Hall 6A Admission : Public - Free admission Event Schedules : Time: 12noon to 10pm