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  1. thanks for the above infor really have to b very careful!
  2. sorry. english no good!!! i mean my guan yin is in the house liao.
  3. is it family member? if not i know sure liao ya!
  4. can say move in liao ba! cos my god already inside BUT... the whole blk only got me so abit weird.
  5. ya cos i didnt do much mah. Err..... i know got one unit below me doing reno. is it urs?
  6. i did a 13 feet post form top ( bottom only) at 1000. cheers
  7. haha! u know wat is call " FAST HAND FAST LEG". what about u?
  8. hello, you must be happy ya! so around how long ur reno takes? haha, mine almost done, now only left with cabinet.