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  1. I found a cake leveller at Bake It Yourself... i think that'll work well with cutting my whole cake into a layered half!
  2. hi xaley For the cake, i was thinking of baking a layered red velvet cake. it's a sponge, i guess? maybe i should go for a 9" springform pan? hmm. which phoon huat you went to? i checked out the one in toa payoh and hougang, didn't see the oven probe thing leh.
  3. Hi Xaley and all You're a genius! I've been looking for help regarding this oven for some time. Especially your tip about solid cupcake liners. Thanks for your lengthy explanation. Roasting pan I found a suitable one by Scanpan, but it's to expensive to invest in one small roasting pan when a much cheaper alternative exists, like the one you mentioned. For roasting, what kind of pan is better? Ceramic (Corningware), glass (Pyrex), cast-iron, aluminium, or dark non-stick pan? Batter left too long? I thought cakes and cupcakes will not rise and become dense if the batter is left aside too long. Especially when the baking soda and/or vinegar goes and into the batter and the chemical reaction starts - which is what gives us fluffy, well-risen cakes. Pan size conversion For a recipe that calls for two 9inch by 2inches tall pans for layer cakes, would you recommend that I bake this cake in a single 10-inch springform pan? Just checking out pan size conversions here by allrecipes.com. Oven probe As for oven thermometer, I've read about remote oven probe thermometers. Do you know where I can buy this? This contraption can stick a probe into a roasting meat in the oven, then you can read the temperature off a unit on your countertop remotely. The one you're talking about is the leave-in oven thermometer right?
  4. Hi graceakaclouds, i think you're asking about how to first melt the chocolate before putting it into the fondue pot? some options you have: 1) you have to use the 'steaming' method. boil water in a saucepan, then put a bowl on top to gently melt your chocolate chips. if you heat directly, you'll burn the chocolate. See this video by Epicurious. 2) some pots come with a 'stack-able' pot on top to do this eg. i have tupperchef (by tupperware) stainless steel pots which are designed for this. all the best!
  5. Hi xaleysan and baking clubbers! i just jumped onto the baking bandwagon recently. just bought the Tefal Activys OV1002 convection oven 26L. and you're right, it's a bit small! if any of you, like xaley, have used this before, maybe you can help? saw your earlier post: I've been hunting for a roasting pan (with a rack inside) which can fit into the oven... and I can't! Most roasting pans can't fit into my oven - they're slightly too big. Do you know of any? Also, have you tried baking cakes or cupcakes in this oven? I'm excited about baking cupcakes and layer cakes.. but this oven can only fit a 6-muffin tray or a single cake tin, it seems! thinking of getting a second rack. when i need to bake cupcakes or layer cakes, it's not good to leave the cake batter standing for 30min while waiting for its turn to get into the oven, right? Actually two racks will not fit two cupcake tins. The space between the two racks is not enough for the cake to rise. Have you tried - will it fit two 2-inch-tall cake pans - one on each level - if i get an extra oven rack? thanks
  6. Hi, Anyone know where I can buy this red Chinese sculpture? Contemporary in design. Replica also ok. Or maybe can get in JB or Bangkok? Any tips would be great. Thanks! Sorry the pic is kind of big - couldn't find a smaller one!
  7. Hi Bing What's that store opposite Castilla that you bought your stuff from?
  8. Anyone had good or bad experiences buying sofa from Harvey Norman?
  9. Ya lor. Maybe controlled price. Perhaps I should ask my contractor to source and install the ceiling fan instead of getting directly from KDK. Their installation fees may be more expensive, I dunno. Yet to get a quotation. Anyone tried and compared between KDK direct and contractor's price, including installation? But mine a bit tricky lah. I have a false ceiling. K charges an arm and a leg for false ceiling. Is it safe to get a contractor to that, then, or would KDK be a safer bet? hmm.
  10. Anyone has experience of buying a fabric sofa from Harvey Norman? Or do you know about the quality of their sofas and where they are made? I'm looking at their more affordable range, not the Italian or Australian imported sofas. If I'm not wrong, the range I'm looking at is called Restful Living Essentials, exclusive to Harvey Norman (or so they say). For example, this sofa called Boston is under this range at a low price of $999 (promo) for fabric 2 seater. Any comments of service and product quality of furnishing and sofas from Harvey Norman from any of you??
  11. Does lightings.com.sg provide installation services as well? if i'm looking just to install one pendant light for the dining area in my false ceiling, about how much would that cost, from your experience?
  12. Genuine leather makes a difference to heat retention? I would think that leather would retain more heat and be a bit sticky too!
  13. Being close to MRT will also ensure that your unit will be easy to sell in future. Location's impt, as you already know! So if you can afford it, it's a good buy. I see what you mean about the dated decor. Maroon!!!! The KDK fans are really quite expensive. I'm surprised. Maybe I'll scout around for other brands. Heard Elmark's not too bad. But I trust KDK - my KDK standing fans in my current place I've used for a long time and has been working swell.
  14. Yeah i'm more inclined to let a contractor coordinate the whole thing. But good to weigh the amount of cost savings and the amount of work that needs to be done. $180 for just cleaning the floor of the whole flat?
  15. Yes, I should really get your advice on what kind of lights I would like to get for my own home. Especially since you're absolutely the best, a colour coordination expert, and a professional finance person all rolled into one! Look forward to what some of your constructive suggestions could turn out to be.