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  1. I wonder has anyone noticed that alot of people is started to "RESALE" the gale and also alot more of the units in Ferraria Park Condo are on the propertyguru.com site. Hmm... I wonder why. Is it due to the current interest increment?
  2. Hi all, I wanted to sell a condo, wondering:- What is the procedure I need to know. Where can I find this information source?Is selling condo procedures is much easy from selling a HDB??Is it necessary to engage an agent (as a seller agent) when selling condo? Since I have heard HARD to find a good,responsible and act on seller interest agent. Cheers...
  3. blueocean, Thanks for sharing your point of view and comment. This Ferraria Park Condo on level 8 is asking for 1.25M with 1776sft, i guess the roof terrace around 300-400sft with spa. Do you think the asking price is reasonable? How about the noise from the expressway? I'm worried that I may not cope with the noise and the dust after buy and live. Or should I juz drop the idea of living around this area and consider other more convenient area? As this FPC location is not close to any amenity(MRT, buses, shopping centre etc). All I like about this FPC is it does give me a "home feeling" due to it's spacious size compare to other condos in current market now(not to mention Flamingo Valley as the PSF is out of my budget). You are very knowledgeable in the property area. Are you working in this field? Anyway, thanks. Good nite.
  4. Thanks bepgof and blueocean for the fact and comments!! I'm actually wanted to buy for "own" stay for couple years and hoping that the condo will have the capital growth in near future. I've inspected couple of the 3br and 3br+ units there, level 4(brand new with pool facing, 3br);level 7(owner lived-in, not pool facing, 3br+) and ;level 8(3bd+with private jacuzzi @ roof terrace, brand new, N-S direction, balcony facing TPE) I personally quite like the level 8 with roof terrace. However, a few things draw me back, my worries are:- facing TPEnear the prisonnot sure good fengshui or not coz both the flora drive and flora road is "DEAD END" or "NO THROUGH ROAD" (=si lor)oversupply of condos, as all others A-B-C condos are in the same plot, thus lead me worry about the future capital growthnot so convenient for local shopping and no good school etc... Things l like there are:- double security (as you need a electronic key to scan in the lift in order to get to your level)the living and bedroom are more spacious compare to those telok kurau boutique condos nice layout and above average fittings For investment side, I've also inspected some of the condos around Eunos, Kembangan, Telok Kurau area. The layout of the all the room size, living area is so so S.M.A.L.L. in TK, everything is really boutique. All the Lorong Telok Kurau is so narrow, like alot of people park cars in one lane and leave one lane for both direction cars for using. Some more these further up Lorong TK is not close to MRT at all... and yet quite expensive price. There are many boutique built there and have more is on their way to TOP soon. I personally think that the fitting they used is only so-so, everything is juz so-so lo. Will it be oversupply of these type condo? Do you guys think any further value appreciation or capital growth in these boutique condos in near future? Which area is better for investment, Choo Jiat Place, Choo Jiat Terrace, Kembangan, (Lorong) Telok Kurau area? Pls comment.
  5. I'm interested in buying the FERRARIA PARK condo... but dunno which stack which floor should I avoid?? Anyone can help me with more inner information of Ferraria Park Condo please??? What's the PSF for at least a 3bedder+? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for your comment, sohck... Bought the 1lt paint today, will try to paint a small patch in the living/dining room to see the result. will post photo later.
  7. Do you guys think that Nippon Fantasy Orange is too heavy for living/dining area or not har? What colours does it go with the Fantasy Orange?
  8. Anyone engage them before for buying paints?? Their price so far is the cheapest. Juz wondering are they reliable?
  9. Price OK but quality so-so. We bought a chest drawer(4 drawers) 8 months ago. It has the wood smell since they delivered and we thought that's the "new" wood furniture smell suppose to be. However, we also found that the clothes we put in the drawers also ended up smelling like the "new" wood furniture smell. After sometime, I found it the smell is a bit weird but I dunno what's wrong and keep using. After 6 mths, I decided to take a close look at the chest drawers coz i think it must be something wrong. When I take close look, I found out that there are some "fine ants"(not exactly ant, dunno what's that) is all around the chest of drawers and I told my cleaner juz to wipe-off with warm water to clean up the whole drawers. After someday and I took another inspection and saw those "fine ants" again. Then I decided to throw the chest of drawers away(it's look so NEW and the keys(still wrap in plastic) are still sticking there)... I juz couldnt get rid of the "fine ants" and dunno what to do with it. Coz its really annoying have to wash all the clothes over again and dunno if the "fine ants" do grow into the clothes or not. BAD EXPERIENCE.
  10. Anyone heard of www.weili.com.sg? They are estore selling paint. Their w/site having promotion now, the price is even cheaper than the homefix paint promotion at the moment. Just wondering has anyone engage them before and are they reliable? Tq..
  11. Whatever coloue can go wif de fantasy orange... maybe offwhite colour. wat do u think??
  12. Does anyone have any idea of the Nippon Paint Easy Wash - Fantasy Orange? Hows does it turn out on the actual wall? Is thinking to paint this colour on 1 side of the living/dining room. Do u guys think will it turn out to be nice?? Please comment.many thanks.
  13. Hi bro, can you please pm me your fanco supplier contacts. Do you know how much would it cost for add-on lights as well? Thanks leh... here's your kopi
  14. Hi all, In case any of you is looking to buy the kitchen sink. There is a Blanco sink on promotion at Hoe Kee for $399 - see http://www.hoekee.com.sg/LatestDesignBlancoPg03.shtml. It is one big, one small bowl. The surface is not stainless steel but SILGRANIT, some sort of man made granite (VERY hard). They have choice of 5 colours. There's another picture at http://www.hafele.com.sg/sg/en/documents/Blanco.pdf They have a showroom at Plaza Singapura, level 5 (next to Spotlight). Hope this help. ;D
  15. Hallmark - alot of forumers here said they are regret after installing the s/s backing... coz harder to maintain... and alot more scratch then they thought... davidfung - thanx for the contact. did you have yours done through them as well? rdnest - 10s... will give them a ring ... will they juz give quotation over the phone or will they need to come down to take a look? rdnest, care to take some pics of your b/s? especially those closeup where the power switch is. thanks har... btw... how big is the b/s u did and how much did you pay for? paiseh... so many questions...