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  1. Hi Would like to get your Contact from the downlights


  2. RnR

    Hi, will like to get ur contact for led downlights.


  3. i bought my downlights and ceiling lights from an online guy in spore. he came down to my place and demo the lights with no obligation and pressure to buy anything. downlights was around $20 for 12W with 2 yrs warranty. it also comes with safety mark for singapore my living room downlights were those dimmable / 3 colors type. $30 each for 12W. however this did not come with safety mark as the guy told me that he doesn't sell enough of these to justify the cost of sending them for testing. 2 years warranty also. Gave me a free remote control. ceiling lights dimmable square shaped LED cost around $90. overall i am very satisfied with his service and product and hence am posting this to help spread good lobang (it is xmas day after all) if anyone is keen, msg me and i will provide his contact. i am not having any personal gains here. i just wanted to support local businesses and he was very nice + he bang his car into my condo wall when he was leaving my house and had to pay to fix it. so i guess by selling me the lights he made a loss. anyway - am a satisfied customer. the only thing i don't like was his company name. LOL. very lame company name and i almost didn't buy from him coz of the name.
  4. want to change but havent found anyone who can do it...the contractor who promised to do it never... -_- and now not answering my calls
  5. if my ceiling has water mark and starts to like flake off...is there any company I can ask to get this fixed? The condo management (the unit upstairs is owned by management) has came and looked and have been dragging for 2 mths now I don't know who else to approach. sighz...thinking of going to complain directly to management head office
  6. hey can someone PM me contacts for such contractor? I got a water mark in my toilet ceiling and of all places...MY COMMON ROOM! the water mark getting bigger...who does such stuff ah?
  7. Hi Guys, I'm moving in next week and like to do a thorough cleaning before moving in...anyone has a cleaning agency to reco? What's the going rate like?
  8. hello - can someone intro a marble polisher? need to polish living/dining area. thanks...
  9. Joemit, can you share his number as well? I'm in a similar situation as the thread starter. I got a painter (Mr Peh) to do for me. He painted 1 coat and ran away with my money. I tried my best to track him down but can't wait anymore. I need to move next week. Anyone who can help intro marble polishing will be much appreciated too! thanks.
  10. eerrr...what box thing? I thought the switch IS the box thing?
  11. issue is I need rivet gun etc to nail it in, I don't have such tools. Think might be easier if i get someone to do....
  12. so just place them around the house...close the windows/doors for 2 days and that's it? Don't need to burn etc right?
  13. Hi there, the place i bought is around 8 yrs old. A couple of the window latch/lock is spoilt. When I push the lock/latch down, nothing comes down ie the lock has probably broken off. I'm trying to see if anyone know where I can find people who fix this kinda of things? And any idea how much? thanks!
  14. Hi there - quick qns, my house currently is MK switches (ie those normal ones) I want to change to Legrand but was told that the size of the switch socket won't fit. Is this true? I thought the size should be universal and fit?
  15. blackcar...u mean she can change the motor bearing (?) and not change the whole fan? That should be cheaper right? my current ventilation fan on my ceiling is a brand called Xpelair (Prod #: 89956AW)...the place is 8yrs old and I suspect it's the original fan. I tried googling for it in spore but can't find any place that sells it. =X