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  1. Did your wife design all these by herself? Very nicely done up! All the things seemed to come together very well
  2. Hey Claudia1234, thank you for your message. Agreed with you on your points above. Anyway, cost of hiring an ID is one thing; making sure the ID can design to my requirements is another! Anyway, I had managed to find one ID recommended by my bestie and after a session with this ID, I think she know what I like and is able to draw up quickly a concept of design which I can both relate to and like! The best is, her pricing is very transparent and while she has a few contractors she usually work with, she made it clear to me that I am free to select my own contractor and she would work together with them on the design aspect. Hopefully, this wld turn out well!
  3. Hey Michael69, I am more keen on consultation/design fees at this stage as I am not really sure how charging by drawings is going to help me achieve what I need to do here and whether it allows me the flexibility to tweak the design to my preferences.
  4. Hey ericlee09, yes indeed I am aware of some whom do mark ups and others charging design fees. But just curious on your statement to be wary of those charging design fees... Why would that be the case?
  5. Hi, I need some guidance from people here whom had engaged the services of interior designers before. 1) How much fees do you pay your ID? 2) What does this fees cover? I appreciate fees vary according to interior designers as well as the design and size of property but I just want to have a gauge of the kind of money I would need to fork out in general to hire an ID. Any inputs from fellow forumers here would be helpful in my renovation quest!