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  1. Gift from Standard Chartered. Brand new and still sealed in box. No receipt, register on internet for warranty. SMS 8296-7898 (Collect Pasir Ris)Please don't PM as I don't check. Retail Price: $299 Selling Price: $129 (save $170) DAV-TZ140 : DVD Home Theatre System : Home Theatre System : Sony Asia Pacific Product overview:5.1ch System with DVD playerModel: DAV-TZ140 Experience great movie entertainment with Sony's compact 5.1ch home theater system with DVD and USB compatibilityMonolithic-Design 5.1-ch System with DVD PlayerHDMI Output (Upscale 1080p for DVD)Easy remote for access to functionsUSB PlayBRAVIA Sync
  2. Upgraded from SHS-5120 to a fingerprint SHS-5230 (kids more happy though I like RFID card more). Moved the old SHS-5120 to a rental unit (tenant very happy). All happy.
  3. I would say it is primarily for convenience but there are security benefits... Convenience example: I go cycling, jogging nowadays without key(s) jiggling in my pockets - and my RFID card allows access faster and fits into my wallet Security example: how many times have I (or my kids) left the key stucked to the door after entering the home; this does not happen anymore! ... and of course, the fact that the key is electronic pin - you can change it as often as needed (and not change the lock when you loose a physical key. To keep your existing physical lock, use the RIM type lock instead of the mortise lock (eg. Gateman F10 instead of F100) or the equivalent Samsung ones. As for Samsung versus Gateman, I use both and my conclusion is it is all about the looks.
  4. Interesting thread here: discussion on crank case heater Two things I picked up: - cch (crank case heaters) prevents migration of coolant into oil - this heating required only if temp < 70deg F (21 deg C) It does leave the question of whether we can ask the aircon installers to disable the CCH (during installation) - and still keep the warranty.
  5. ... and she uses these to lock her condo unit. The locks from Interlock are just locks .....I have no issues with them and their prices (too)!
  6. My mother uses this to turn a spare room at her home in Malaysia into a super large (and walk in) "digital safe".
  7. My SHS-5120 is 1.5 years old - and there is NO issue. I guess the competition has an issue (but that's good for prices eh? ). I would love to have an issue as an excuse ... to upgrade .. to Gateman F100 - or the relatively newer model SHS 5230 model. this or ... or both?
  8. My Samsung SHS-5120 (which should be the same as yours as I don't think there is a 5200) is working perfectly for the last 1+ year - and still does. I suggest contacting the vendor again - I don't think forumers here fix digital door locks - but the only time I hear interesting sound is when the door is ajar (as a reminder to close) - or when the battery is low (as a reminder to replace the batteries). So yours does not sound right if it beeps whole day. Call the vendor.
  9. Please send me Aaron's contact. Thanks.
  10. Read for fun - but this is all too complicated; what matters is what matters (what a wise statement on my Saturday weekend!) Price and utility matters (for an 'appliance'). We are all working adults with better things to do than to pay more than necessary (maybe iPhone may be an exception! but that's besides the point, and on 2nd thought, savings here may help fund the iPhone!). Digital door locks are fun and practical. Just get it. You only think and worry when the prices are astronomical - but it shouldn't be for an 'appliance'.
  11. There is no leakage since. However, I am not sure if this is all due to Xypex, as I also also asked a self employed plumber to apply some white cement around the floor-tile-meets-gulley area (original cement diagnosed to be porous). This was before the xypex application (long story I won't go into it). So, I can only say 100% no problem now (but could be a combination of the above two).
  12. Try this link to contact the vendor who supplied me: http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=280510862975
  13. Samsung 5120 for the price (I'm using one) and one should not pay sky high for a digital lock - unless you think it is more than a lock