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  1. For me, it was my first car (brand new) that I took a 70% loan but 5 years quantum. As for my 2nd brand new car, I took 40% loan and returned in less than 3 years, and then paid up fully for my 3rd brand new car. (I hate to pay interest and I know some people will say I am dumb not to take loan) After doing all the above stupid things, I realised I could have at least $150 k cash at hands if I did not go into those buying spree(just buying the car and not considering other factors like insurance, road tax, petrol, etc). I changed car like every 2.5 years..dumb me! My current car is 2nd hand car which was a year old when I bought in 2008, and the first owner lost the 25-28k for the premium. So my advice to you is that try to buy 2nd hand car (since COE is so high now, it is simply not worth it) if you really need one. I am currently looking for a second 2nd hand car now as my wife is using my car for her business but I am trying to resist the temptation. Even a 2nd hand car could make you $10-15k poorer annually if you factor in the insurance, road tax, petrol, traffic fines, etc. I do not generally quantify the ownership of car based on net worth, but rather it is based on how much you are willing to lose thru depreciation. So the conclusion is do not own a car if you do not need one. Take public transport if you can!
  2. Try to call Paul at 8333 7369. I cannot recall exactly the name of the company (it is in my hp as "Cleaning") but we had used them on several occasions and was happy with their services. WD88
  3. He is probably earning more than that based on his age group of 40. 8K for DD is likely for young DD in the age group of early to mid 30s.
  4. okie dokie...on liao and then I prepare the 3-in-1 kopi, ok boh?
  5. So if my unit is 800m to 1 km away, is it considered near?
  6. Mine is even worst, 2 pieces popped out as it is near the bathroom. What kind of adhesive do I use to stick them back? Any recommendation?
  7. Dear all The Group Buy is officially closed. I have already PM those who have sent me a PM to request to join the GB. Thanks all for the support. Rgds WD88
  8. Should not be a problem. just call and make your appt. I have already PM u the contact.
  9. Absolutely agreed. My previous owner removed everything that are not permanently fixed (even the bidet) and my wife thought they would leave the wardrobe behind. Regretted that we did not write the inventory list when we signed the OTP.
  10. i just strip the paint and plaster with another friend at my new place as the wall was suffering from water seepage previously. After the scraping, my hands suffered numbness for a hour or so. I had applied waterproofing and now waiting for the waterproofing to cure and the next step is to plaster the wall myself with another friend's help. One bucket of plaster is $22 (around the size of 20 litre matex paint) when I asked the paint shop last weekend. It is actually quite interesting to pick up this knowledge and skill yourself if you do not mind the dirty job and it takes time. But the main plus point for me is I can save at least 2000 dollars and use it on other essential areas.
  11. hi Tiler Seng i have backyard where the roof covers 2/3 of it and the perimeter only have 1 m parapet wall. i intend to extend the roof and backyard by another 600mm and build up all the way to the roof. Do you do the above job? Rgds WD88