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  1. I was impressed with their design on their website, but went to expo furniture fair recently and didn't find their workmanship good.
  2. Endlssorrow I don't think all the good comments are self adv. You speak to Patrick and know he's an honest man. He is less adventurous and enthusiastic now then when he did my first project though.
  3. I have just finished my reno with ho bee. This is the third time I engaged them. There are hiccups, but Patrick is still the same old good guy who did not run away from mistakes and make sure things are fixed. The workmanship isn't fabulous, the workers differ in quality. For my side, the man doing cornice is great, carpenter ok, plumber...sucks. But the price is reasonable. What bad experience do you have from them? want to share?
  4. My niece is from Yew Tee Primary. Now in RJC. Good grades depend on the child and family as well. She doesn't have any tuition, but in one of the best classes in Yew Tee Primary. Heard that for many neighbourhood schools, they focus on the top classes, sometimes at the expense of the weaker students.
  5. hi chronograph btw, can you share how much is the total reno cost for your em? Feel that contractors seem to charge more when they see it's an executive hdb.
  6. hi blue8179 tks for sharing! but read in your t-blog that you are not so satisfied with your main contractor's service. hm......also scare to engage cheapish contractor but create more headache with service/work...
  7. hi chronograph tks for the reply! can you share who's your contractor? I'm about to start reno soon, but still bother abt the high hacking fee to commit.
  8. Dear all experts I got quotes from 3 reno firms for the following hacking work (HDB resale EA): Remove living room carpet hack off foyer, living, dining, passage way and 3 bedrooms ceramic skirting (note: skirting, not floor tiles) discard existing sliding door frame demolish kitchen wall hack off bathroom floor and wall tiles discard kitchen carbinet and clear off site discard ktichen and toilets sanitary fitting supply sand and haulage material to door step clear deris off site acid wash firm 1 quote: $4050 firm 2 quote: $3490 firm 3 quote: $4800 (!!!) 4 years back, when my MIL did her house, she hacked kitchen, toilet, living room floor tiles and partial wall tiles, for only $2290 (by firm 2). Her's an old condo with ard the same area size as ours. So, what has happened?? Hacking alone why so ex??? anyone has a cheaper hacking firm to recommend???
  9. Me too. Also twice, one major one minor reno. Used to be very pleased with Ho Bee but now heard my MIL complaining that the cabinets made by them are coming off. The hinges rusted and so far 1 door of the vanity drawer and 3 doors of the kitchen cabinet are down! At first, i still thought it's common, but seems like my sis's kitchen cabinet is still going strong after 10years. my MIL's house was done barely 5 years ago. Also, they did 'installing waterproof membrane of kitchen', but now, downstairs complain of water leakage. You mean, this only last for 5 years? Getting a new house soon, seems like have to look for a new contractor this time. Anybody has the same problem I encountered? HOneygal i agree that the work you mentioned are really minor (except maybe tiling?). They took about 2.5mths to do an overhaul of my MIL's house (I was living with her at that time) that time.