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  1. Very nice area! I love the glass study room! Is this a resort style?
  2. strongly agree. Sofa is the first I went as well and last to confirm. Its an important piece of furniture where we don't really spend plenty of time sitting on it but it helps to set the living room mood. Thats how I feel. Take your time to choose and it can always be order 2 weeks before moving in, buy wrong gonna stuck with it for awhile lor
  3. very nice! wish i have one as well but none of us cook
  4. sorry mate didn't follow your thread for awhile and got lost. haha went back a couple of pages to see that you are shopping for a leather sofa. So how decided which one to buy?
  5. haha yeah not only me, my wife sleep around as well! hahaha I'm okay with that actually :x just joking also St. Louis? is there some negative reviews bout them in tis forum? find out more first ya St. Louis, yes there's some negative feedback on forums about them. I read about them already. In most cases, I don't belong to those impulsive buyer group. Normally I will hold back all my purchases, go home research first before making payment, unless im very sure of a certain product then i put deposit because of such action, always kenna F*** by my wife Univonna, haven't go take a look before, will go there as well. I give you one link, slowly browse through, alot of furniture not shown or locate at ulu ulu place. http://www.singaporefurniture.com/members_full.asp SY Living they do have leather. Worth checking it out. They do have 2 retail shop. One for higher tier, another is more classic type of furniture. I'm still contemplating should I spend 2000+ for a cushion sofa. Fabric wise is good but for the sofa made in Singapore, worth it or not? I have a budget of 2.7K, I will prefer to have a teak/mahogany sofas. Its a timeless piece of furniture as its made of wood. LOVE WOOD! As for unicane, they are a friendly bunch of people and I prefer to buy from there. Most of their furniture is made for export market. They don't do leather. They specialise in cane furniture. Their finishing using wood is nice. Cushion type. They aren't cheap and most furniture hover around 2K +/- but are very sturdy. As our taste are more towards head support, unicane suits our needs. Maybe when I go crazy, I will just fly over to Surabaya and buy
  6. ohh you from canberra pri? Yah actually I prefer to send my kid to wellington as I heard Canberra competition is strong? Sometime I really hate to see kids carrying "Army backpack" walking to school. So I vow to be next to primary school for my property. Since I'm next to Canberra pri, that will be my school of choice
  7. jason ah better quote me first ah scarly later over budget by too much can't use your service, i will be **** paiseh! later because of me cause a traffic jam behind me, again paiseh The bed stories..... Anyway some update, before confirmation of contractor for our home, we are shopping around for a bed first. Going round the island for the couple of weekends and had tried Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Tempur, Englander, Dunlopillo, Omazz, Sweet Dreams, King Koil, Sleep to live, Getha and last one will be Naturatex. Comparing between pocketed spring, spring, latex, memory foam, pocket spring with latex and etc etc. We decided on latex. This brought us to 3 choices, Omazz (synthetic latex aka tatalay), Getha and Naturatex. We also know latex in layman term is rubber. Rubber comes from Malaysia in layman term. I also know that latex don't last forever. Omazz is pretty much overprice. We will be trying Naturatex next weekend and from there we can decide which one to go for. There is a very high chance that we will go for Getha. Our body believe in it after testing it for 30 minutes. Sad to say the model that we want is going to be phrase out soon. While stock last. Sian lah The Sofa stories..... Sofa is really a pain in the arse. We know what we want. Luckily both of us loves fabric more than leather. As our home's theme is resort and we have a fetish for wood, we try to get as many wood furniture as possible. We even book a trip down to Bali, Surabaya with an empty Container to ship back our furniture if theres a need to do so. Burmese sofa from St. Louis Pte Ltd, design wise very nice. We like it but it isn't very comfortable when you sit on it. Why must all sofas come with no head support? Geez... look nice but uncomfortable to sit on it. The sales lady told me that the fabric is from Belgium etc etc. Seriously i don't buy her words. I have no knowledge in fabric so I can't identify. We went to SY Living. The sales rep is good! Saw one fabric sofa, cushion type with Belgium fabric. Very nice. Pretty comfortable IF you put a pillow or bolster behind the sofa to support your back. One of our choice actually. The hunt continue and we will head back to Unicane this weekend to check out more sofas.
  8. why not fabric? can wash somemore
  9. lachesis, yeah finally. Opps didn't know thats the procedure haha, didn't want to put up my floorplan so fast yet mah but Jaskel very fast finger put up le I will only be moving in next yr (before CNY) as our is a contra case. You too! Wish I have more $$ for EA in Bishan but i always want to live in Thomson area since young. My next goal after this house Jeffcraze, Thanks mate! ne0mesis, lol! I hate long-term financial commitment. Some may say hdb loan is a good debt but I belong to the school of thoughts, the earlier pay off is good. 10 -15 years will be a nice duration. yeah i believe having 24 mths of reserve is extremely healthy and it takes me years of planning. Jaskel, you **** fast lah i havent post up, you help me post liao oh yah do take note that the dining table is now shifted nearer to the household shelter (behind it) as my wife request
  10. ohh bishan vs sembawang, i will pick bishan also lor haha nearer to canberra (the round balcony) no idea why the hdb bother to build a round balcony... zzzzzz
  11. gimz63251073, excatly, insurance is a complex product and cater to different appetite. one man food is another poison ya? I rather discuss food than insurance. Jaskel, waiting for you leh... kin leh i waiting patiently liao hor
  12. Hi titanax, yeah finally else im still going around posting in other people thread. pixiepixel & the rest, I'm currently staying at Yishun, moving to Sembawang, my in-laws is in Sembawang. Haiyo yishun food is just SHOIK! Chong pang is just one of them, the laksa at 900+, 925 kopitiam, 800+ for fried bee hoon, ban mian, the roast duck, roast pork and char siew selling in the market. The mee pok at 800+ opp ntuc, old sembawang road, vlittles, nasi lemak etc etc. okay enough of food. I'm from NBSS. chao ah beng/ah lian sch during my time. gimz63251073, HPS has got it own advantage, payable via CPF. Disadvantage, it is a decreasing term and cannot port over to your 2nd property. If something happen to you, HPS is payable to HDB to settle your loan amount (from left to right pocket if you know what I mean) whereas Private mortgage insurance, they will pay you in one lump sum, you decide what you want to do, be it continue mthly instalment and not pay all, also it can be ported over to your 2nd property. For me I bought a term policy for better coverage which overweight both HPS and private mortgage insurance. I do notice that a lot Singaporean even real estate agents I spoke to, don't care to find out how HPS works and since is payable via CPF, people will just sign up. But when come to real cash insurance policy, people will sign with high mthly instalment, low coverage (life insurance for example). Base on statistics, singaporean is not covered enough for rainy days. I did plenty of research on life/term/ILP and finally settled down for term which accountable to less than 2% of my household income, yet have a high coverage. In my case, why do I still need a decreasing term. Also just to highlight to everyone who is following my blog. HPS is not compulsory if you are taking HDB loan but your insurance coverage must be more than your loan disbursed.
  13. It is never my intention to buy a resale flat. Its expensive for first-timer even with the grant. But for privacy, independent from my family and most importantly, a home for my wife, we decide to buy a resale flat. BTO is ridiculously slow and never able to get a good queue number. We can't fly out of the north region because both our parents are in the north. The most important reason is the food at Yishun is fantastic! Buying a flat means proper calculation to ensure we don't take a loan amount that restrict our future growth. We also don't want to pay till the day we retire. After much calculation, it means a maximum of 25 years loan for us. At the same time, we also revamp our personal insurance to ensure we are properly cover. We dropped HPS and appeal to use our insurance instead. To me, laying a strong foundation financially to cope with unforeseen situation is very important. CPFIS is carefully diverted out and ensure that in any jobless situation, servicing our loan is not a problem. For both CPF/cash reserve, we have set aside at least 24 mths aside. I'm responsible for my family and answerable to my wife-to-be. Finally, with all these done, we embarked the journey of house hunting and settled down with a unit that is 3-5mins walk to the MRT and right beside a primary school. To be continue....
  14. Yoyo, disappeared from the forum for awhile, this year is a nightmare for me as coping with part-time studies, wedding, hdb, renovation, job's courses and work this year. head and heart are very heavy liao. i also just went for my 1st appt, everything seems smooth. how's yours? jaskel, finally liao wor... i wanna see my Quote $_$ lah scare bo lui to pay you i go start my t-blog first before i kenna
  15. titanax, love IRC haha those are the days! I do belong to that era one also hor roger will start my t-blog now with sample picture else i think i will kenna chop by ppl running mine posts all over the place!
  16. i thought ID also charge seperately for the following items? Electrical rewiring are calculated separateAir-conditioningInstallation of lightingKitchen stoveFittings - mirrors for bathroom, toilet roll holder, curtains, etc...
  17. yah lor i booked early, jaskel said he's busy this week and he put up the DnD sign liao, so give him allowance till next week then bug him again over here i think quite a number of unit is pending for work by jaskel lah. since all doing reno roughly the same time, got come across any lobang share hor.
  18. I face with **** load of problem with our housing grant now . Sigh working with the gov's officer sometime can vomit blood. i can't wait for our 1st appt as well! i should start my t-blog soon else u see me posting all over the place haha
  19. mine is in last week of sept. will monitor your thread and see how it goes! I'm pretty sure the job will be a nicely done one. Cheers for Jaskel!
  20. lachesis you are using jaskel as your contractor, highly i will also. Wondering if jaskel will be overloaded or not. If i'm not wrong we will start our reno about the same time as you. I got my date from my fsm alrdy. how about you? just use gas for washing machine, cooking and shower heater. im doing that as well im **** tired of reading the specification of all the electronics stuff that i need to get for my home, i just finished reading about the locks for my main door. getting an keypadlock (keyless) from US. if interested maybe we can share the shipping cost together. pm me if u interested k.
  21. haha too bad im not. just an IT nerdie dont quote me hor im just a consumer maybe im prejudice towards the big P as it is made in malaysia series is so expensive thats why im turning to another alternative lor better dont say too much else others will start to think i earn commission liao haha
  22. Haven't got a chance to see vogue yet but as what one forumer said its too ex and price it more than largo as the quantity they bring in is too little or maybe just testing the market's response lor. I will not be very keen to see vogue as i know i will not get that, better dont see and tempt myself as its wayyyy overprice imo. Largo is pretty good, the texture is nice to step on. Very hard to describe here as it is a "feel" sense. More info here http://www.quick-step.com/europe/uk/en/largo.aspx, made in Europe but not sure where, AC4 for both Eligna and Largo. Different is Largo is a v-groove board and is 2 meter board and more expensive haha heartlandz, me too i did enquiry whether is it advisable to use laminate for kitchen, it isn't recommended as the difficult part is removing the oil stain. Unless you don't do heavy cooking, just maggie mee and pasta.
  23. They have limited series in Singapore. Guess it is not economical to bring all in? for kitchen it is best to leave it as tiles. Unless you rarely cook, then can do laminate ba.
  24. i haven't see the vogue yet but i can't think of where to lay the vogue as the surface is rough. Got to see it myself first. if only they bring in some of the designer choice.
  25. They are bringing in vogue soon, I got this info from the sales guy. I bet they should have the sample template. Going to meet my sales guy in 3 weeks time to place my deposit.