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  1. The above are all the things I'm lusting for currently. I need to do some drilling work and I can't do it at home due to the dust and noise involved. Furthermore, I'm working 8 - 6 and by the time I reach home, it's night. Everytime I need to my stuff, I need to apply leave when nobody's around in the house (that's when I go crazy ) If anyone plans to setup such a kind of workshop, I'll be more than happy to contribute whatever I can.
  2. Yeah, that's exactly what I did, but after the drill bit has drilled through the masking tape, it starts sliding all over the place. Lol, I don't dare to use hammer to chip a dent cos' the ceramic tile is just the tile by itself (not pasted on those walls that kind). The thickness is only like 0.5 cm so I think if I exert a bit too much force, the whole tile will crack. Btw, are there anywhere in Singapore that provides drilling on ceramic tiles? I've like 30+ tiles to drill through.
  3. Hi, How do you drill through ceramic tiles without the drill bit sliding off the tiles? I saw some website articles where they said to paste masking tape on the area of the tile where you want to drill, so as to prevent the drill from sliding. I tried that but it's useless. Immediately after my drill bit has pierce through the masking tape layer, the drill bit starts sliding all over the tile. I've also tried pasting multiple layers of masking tape, but well.... I'm using the carbide-tip drill for tiles, which is the correct type of drill bit. Any ideas? Btw, if anyone here provides services like what I require, pls PM me or e-mail me at xeon@outgun.com, or reply to this thread. Thanks!