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  1. Dear all, Any lobang for installing digital lock? i bought 2 DDlocks from korea (samsung), my friend said very easy to install however, it didnt turn out to be easy....thus need help in getting installer to help me install. PLease help me :'( can sms me at 91050372
  2. Hi Dean, can you share your contractor with me?? email me at wng@qserv.com.sg or pm me.. Pleaseeee
  3. I find it quite ok leh.. The quotes that I have gotten, is much more higher leh cheapest is 34k which involves overlaying and not hacking of floor tiles.. Heng I haven't signed. Think I have to source for quotations somemore. Sad, no money no time.. :s
  4. Tiler seng, can quote me on demolish existing 2walls in kitchen n also laying wall,floor tiles for 2toilets and kitchen. You can either pm me or email me at wng@qserv.com.sg thanks..
  5. i did!!! i find the interior designer Vin**** seems more like a sales person den interior designer. Because when i meet up with him to discuss about my floorplan and concepts, he brought his designer along. if he know his stuff, there's no need to bring another guy along right. weird weird.... and i find him quite pushy, brought along the receipt book thinking that i will sign up with him. mmmm, i get to know him via the buyer of my flat.
  6. Hi, me too am thinking of changing 10yrs o aircon to new system. But the shops that I went to doesn't do trade in. The aircon pipes are concealed thus just wondering if I go for new installation will they charge me more or the package price whereby they had already included the installation price in it..
  7. the call point is weather proof. and the perimeter are sealed with silicon during mounting to prevent rain water from seeping in. My relative's autogate's control box got burnt and his car got locked inside and he had to use side gate to take taxi. Fortunately a contractor introduced him to a security provider, managed to change the control box to a new one and get his gate open. charge quite cheap too, around $1300 exc gst.
  8. Hi guys, need to renovate my resale condo too.. Almost all have to go but didn't have substantial budget for it. Thus care to share with me contacts of contractors or id thati should go to?? Email me at faye258@hotmail.com