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  1. Hi All, Been awhile since last post. Stepping into next phrase of life like many others and realized that the renovation done years ago now became danger zones for kids. Trust this encounter is nothing new but somehow, only admit it as important after seeing kids running around at home. Maybe to list some here for others to consider and share: 1. Sharp edges (Tables, TV console, Walls and many more) post as danger. Rubber protector available but kids will happily remove it. 2. Glass as wall partition, shower screen, door: Especially for us, shower screen was only secured on 2 sides (top and entrance side are freed). While it is thick (10mm?), it does look dangerous if knocked hard enough. Not forgetting many incidents of knocking on glass wall/door. Now the glass door is no longer clear as many stickers have to be put up to prevent anyone from knocking it Anyone using plastics to replace glass? 3. Mirror (toilets and cabinets): While it is relatively safe from knocking, it does post some dangers especially those on cabinet's doors. Manage to change the hinges to prevent the door from slamming. Cannot imagine if the whole piece of mirror fall. Feel free to add on other danger zones at home. CHEERS
  2. Haha....Bingo! This is not a place for suggestion, opinion, feeling, or whatever if you are not a AS victim. This is a forum for discussion of personal matters where those not concern can read for pleasure ONLY! JIAYOU!!! TO ALL
  3. Hi guys....read this somewhere that tiles came with a layer of wax for protection. Can someone advice how to get rid of the wax? Thanks *having a give up mentality make me feels better
  4. No different la CK Liang......the contractors engaged are the same group who try to cut corners. O....I am still searching for their good comments as you claim....care to give some pointer?
  5. *Shake hand / hug hug cry* Haha....since its over, just laugh over it So far my drawers are still ok......lucky me. Ya...solid surface is raw ...where can we get the spray? Shall DIY. *having a give up mentality make me feels better
  6. Hi OinkOink, I too engaged this ID. Sad to say, they are V bad. Surprise if you manage to read many good comments on this ID. All i read in this forum is they are bad but always got the boss to come out and reactify the problems......think about this.....get everything wrong and then the boss come out to finish the things correctly?? (err last thing u should know is that the boss is starting another new business in food industry..... wonder if he still got time for reno ) Yes, have to agree this happened when there is a communication breakdown......Err.....but again..din we get a ID who can communicate with their contractor? hehee....hope ur reno work goes smoothly with them:) do post your result soon! *dun let communication breakdown get in the way....make sure all fine detials cheers
  7. truth hurts. Agree that we shld move on instead.....and use the 10K saving to finish up the work. But again, cover backside:) make sure the effort to get the contractor to finish the work are recorded. In case brought to court (unlikely), there are proof that the contractor failed to deliver. Very encouraging to see many sensible ppl coming into this thread. Rather then just JiaYou without constructive ideas
  8. 80% is as gd as confirmed lah Would suggest u asked for LD if schedule is important. Moving into the unit while the reno is still on-going can be v troublesome. But since no choice, at least have one of the room ready so that u can stay and locked everything in the room.
  9. Just like wat u spot on....if his workers is at one unit, the other unit will not get the work done. But again, work can be separated into different stage....it depend on how the work being scheduled. Since he cannot control or coordinate with his contractors and we have so many ppl here having their reno at different stage.....ever consider taking over the coordination? Just 2cents thought....Shall not speak further. If Jiayu is wat u need.... JIAYU
  10. Really sorri to read about this topic...was thinking ah soon was very soon when i was searching for ID in June 09. Well....I too got the worst ID who finish up in about 5 months.....so i can share the frustration. Just like many of u...i WAS stucked before. -u give them time to do...they disappear n no1 work in your unit -u don't give them extension? They anyhow do lor. Can i suggest u list down the outstanding work and request them to "Please" fill in the date to complete. Get them to sign and ackownledge (know this is difficult)....in case u need to change contractor, there is something to back u up. Read your contract (not too sure if u have it with Mr. Ah Soon pte ltd).