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  1. I am looking for someone to help degrease my Kitchen Hood. Bulb is spoilt and hood is very oily. Someone knows of this service?
  2. I am looking for a Sound Bar. I am choosing between Samsung or Philips. Any recommendations???
  3. Just for your info, we had very bad experience at King's Furnishing at IFC. They tell you its Full genuine leather... turn outs its man-made leather. Bad service as well.... we regretted getting our sofa from them.
  4. Of cos, what everyone at the shop understood as Real leather (animal leather). After I checked, there is no such things as UV leather.
  5. totally agreed with you. personal experience with King's Furnishing. Really regretted buying from them. They cant even explain to us properly exactly what kind of leather is on the sofa. Before I buy they say full genuine leather.... its NOT.
  6. I have experience with Furniture Club @ IMM service and product are very good. Also tried King's Furnishing @ IFC===> Go at your own risk!!! I was cheat by them for a sofa set. Bad after sales service as well. No doubt, Go for those more reputable shop.
  7. Please BEWARE of this shop, K****s Furn****** @ IFC. I was cheated by the sales lady. She told me that the sofa i bought is full genuine leather. But turns out its a fake at delivery. She is very pushy in her sales and had very bad after sales service. Think twice before making your purchase. We have regretted spending our hard earned money on buying a man-made leather sofa. This is just to warn those who are new like us.
  8. K**g's Furnishing @ IFC. is this shop ok? Do you know wat is ultra violet leather?
  9. I have the same problem. I bought a "FULL" leather sofa and the one delivered dun seems to be real leather. Sales lady say its not PVC, its "Ultra Violate" leather. Can anyone advise me on what is Ultra Violate leather? what is it made up of?
  10. Hi all, I bought a leather sofa and the sale lady told me that its a "FULL" not "half" leather. We assume will be a Full Genuine leather. Apparently when sofa was delivered, it dun look like genuine leather at all. Called back to the shop, sales lady told me its "Ultra Violate Leather"==> the one used in car seat... (which dun look like it) Can anyone advise me on Ultra Violate Leather? What is it made up of? Is it real leather?