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  1. Hi calypso fans... i took the bite on the promotion and got my house an all black calypso... Old "bird" fans please teach me some pointers to maintain and clean the sofa. Thanks.
  2. no need to think so much lah ... 99yrs we already kong .. no eyes to see liao ..
  3. dont get too high on the "ba wuuu" install fan can but at least know where is the source mah ... so still need to sniff sniff ...
  4. My FSM is one old grandpa. Myths like bed facing the door, he got logical explanation to it and is not like what we think ghost come in straight from door not good for you or whatever 'mi xin' thinking we have.
  5. Did u try to sniff where the smells come from?
  6. I got a lesson from my FSM on this topic. He got a simple explanation to it. He says in older days, many ppl stays in a house. If the bed is facing the door, whoever too soundly asleep sleep until leg spread wide wide mouth open big big, other family members see liao not nice. But nowadays only small family stays in a house so its ok.
  7. My FSM definition of a beam are those overhanging that is not join to a wall. So to him L box is not a beam.
  8. When u mentioned this, i just remembered when i tore apart my BengQ monitor recently, i saw it having a LG Philips panel.
  9. I was at best last night, the sales guy tell me for quality TV go for philips, he recommend me this model 42PFL8404 @ 1799, keep emphasizing Natural Motion is good and is assembled in europe. I ask him which europe country he says hungary. But i dont have good impression on philips TV as i have bad experience with my old philips CRT. Well see how, maybe i would give them another chance.
  10. rl_ry

    Ylz Fsm

    Anyone engage YLZ FSM before? Please give me some comments as i am considering to engage him to view my new house. Thanks.