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  1. Hey folks... it's been a whle since i visited the forum. Been really busy with work and stuff... What did i miss!?
  2. Hello neighbour! Congrats!! Didn't have time to come online till now... He is cute!!!!
  3. Yeah bedsheets are never enough.. But they're so expensive!!! I tried saving by getting ikea ones but the difference in quality is very obvious. I got this housebrand Alto bedsheets from John Little. Very good! High thread count (think 400+) and it has a slight shine. Luxurious. Most impt it is plain (dun like flowery complicated designs) and affordable ($150 for quilt cover, bedsheet, 2 pillow cases). Anyway, will get one of the big rocker switches from Homefix to DIY. See if i can do it. Hahah.. Didn't ask contractor to do it cos he charged me quite high for it. Haiyoh... $$$-face...
  4. Hmmm... thinking of changing the default HDB switches to big rocker switches. Is it easy to DIY? The HDB ones we got need some strength to switch on and off!
  5. Hmmm.. if you're not very particular about the brand, there are much cheaper tvs out there. Recently bought LG 32 inch (LC4R) TV at $949 from Gain City ($1099 with $150 NTUC vouchers). Contrast ratio 8000. Quite decent for the price. Some say LG break down easily but it's ok for me since there's warranty anyway... Prices are going down down down... and to think that i thought i got a super good deal for my Samsung 32S71B at $1350 in October 2006.
  6. Yeah.. custom made curtains also cost a bomb ... Since we have the same layout, i share with you guys my curtain cost? balcony - full height and length, day and night curtains original study room (now my living room) - full height and length, blackout curtains Study room - full height curtains, cover length of windows only, day curtains Bedroom - full length and height, day and night curtains Wardrobe area - day curtains, full height and length After comparing quotes, went for the cheapest... inclusive of curtain tracks. $1,400 from shop in Bedok.
  7. Yeah... spent alot of time, effort and had my fair share of headaches to save on the ID fees. I'm quite anal about having my house look a certain way so it's not easy anyway to find an ID who has similar tastes. Hanging egg chair? The retro looking white and red designer piece? Yeah that's gonna cost both arms and both legs i'm sure hahaha... I bought Miss K from Space Furniture for $310. That's a promo price and i believe it's still on. Usual price is $435. Can also buy 2 at $580 but i rather use the money on other pieces that i like. There are other colours available... the black is gorgeous... but that's too decadent or over the top for our bedroom i reckon... It's pretty ex for a lamp but i'm a sucker for good design... And it's one of the few items at Space that we can afford right now hahaha! Compassvale.. thanks for your comments! Yeah I dabble in photography when i have the time. Almost all the pictures in the house were shot by us. My friends say we are 'zhi lian'.. or 'in love with ourselves'. Got photo frames in every room, including the toilets. yeah.. i think we might have overdid it.... oppps!
  8. Hey bluberi... no point comparing apples to oranges! The themes of our homes are totally different! Your house is nice you know! Simply add some personal touches like photos and ornaments and it'll be even more warm and cosy I'm sure. Looking forward to more pics of your place! Anyway yeah.. plastering is so expensive! Have to strike it off our wish list. Quite sad we had to drop it. I guess we all want our homes to have 'condo-style-finishing'??? Haha deathcoth, yah sure i'll pop over with my wife to say hi if we see you on sunday.
  9. Haha did the designing myself. Took some time to discuss with my wife what our needs and wants are..both at the present and the future.... then with that came space planning, then decide on the overall look or theme... then used Google Sketchup to help visualise how the space would flow and look. Had to revise and adapt along the way due to budget and contractor's skill level, but at least the space planning is retained. Anyway, had a bad time with the contractor. Wouldn't recommend to anyone loh... Headache I guess we can never be satisfied with our reno... Constrained by time, energy, money. And one thing's for sure, you can't wow everyone... so as long as I feel happy to be home, I think it's a reno well done bah...
  10. *Gasp* I think i'm ur neighbour... Hello! Hahah.... You bought the place during WIS November 2006 right? Have not started on reno? We moved in since March!
  11. Love it! I see you're into good designs too heheh... Here's one of my fav websites for good design. http://mocoloco.com/ Unfortunately... we can't find it in Singapore... Good news for my wallet though hahah!
  12. Hahaha you'll be surprised how many girls out there already tell their bfs how big their diamond ringS of the future are going to be. I think women can tell the future.. or at least they make sure the future is....bright (pun intended). It's just my personal opinion. Cos i'll do many things within my capability to show my love. To me, no proposal = no effort = no sincere loh. Anyway, the first and second scenarios were on a ceteris paribus assumption lah. I.e. both ask the magic question with the same amount of sincerity in their words lah. E.g. My good fren very broke now.. he congratulate me then he offered to shoot my ROM as a wedding gift. That's sincerity mah. If he only say congratulations. Then months later gimme hamper after he become rich. At that point in time when he only say congratulations, i would think he no sincerity wor. Just my view haha! No need to agree!
  13. Heh, i guess if both your husband and you are both happy and comfortable with the monitoring, then I throw my hands up in the air too Anyway, working in the CBD. It's terrible. Morning squeeze... and gosh, can't even hail a cab to go home when i do OT. Confirm must book then can get.
  14. The size of the rock doesn't reflect the sincerity of the proposal. It only reflects the financial power of our other half and how comfortable he is spending it. Let me choose between a guy who proposes with a 0.1 carat ring and another who doesn't propose but buys u a $50k ring years later... I'll take the first fella. At least it shows that he really wants to marry you and makes the effort to let you know that.