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  1. hi all, i have been searching around for good looking and practical basin cabinets for my toilets in a bto flat.. i wouldn't want to get my ID to do it as i'm afraid using wood carpentry may not be practical. i will not be installing the tempered glass shower screen in my toilets. i'm not sure if there are any "pvc/wood" material that is water proof. stainless steel cabinet is recommended but i have not seen one without the "sharp edges"... saw something like that at hafary (was there to look for tiles...) but it is too expensive @ around $930 including the basin... the soft closing drawers seem like blum mechanism as well... anyone able to recommend something similar looking at a more affordable cost? eg. max 600?
  2. hi, able to PM the supplier for this type of door? thanks!
  3. hi may i have the contact for LED and the rainshower please? thank you!
  4. Hi, i would like to have a quote for the following. ME Starmex. System 4: 9k X 3 + 18K X 1 System 4: 9k X 3 + 22K X 1 Please include in the quote the type of insulation, copper pipe, drainage pipe, wires, no. of installation trips and warranty coverage. thank you!
  5. hi yuenyuen, pls PM me the details. thanks!
  6. hi.. i'm not sure if this is the correct place to post... i'm actually planning to renovate 2 of my bedrooms in a 4room HDB flat. i have in mind to have the following: 1.5m wide floor to ceiling wardrobe (sliding door) 1.5m x 2.8m platform (around 30cm in height, with storage capabilities) 1.5m desk/workstation new coat of paint my understanding is this will cost me at least 8k (for both rooms). as i've got no prior experience, can someone advise me if it is common to pay in full? or it is possible to pay in installments (eg. 3 or 6mths) i do understand that mine is a small project compared to those with full house renovations. just want to check out what is the norm. pls advise me... thanks!