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  1. As we liked the design of the furniture from Winter, we ordered a TV console and a few other items. While the rest of the items were delivered on time and were in good condition, the TV console was delivered late and had lots of scratches/dents. Naturally, we contacted Winter. We have been since been waiting for the past 2 weeks as Winter Group seems to have gone into black hole with no response.
  2. I have the same feeling that the rust spots in my sink were caused by the chemical wash as well.
  3. Hi Topang this thread.... We bought a normal looking stainless steel sink from Hoe Kee. Contractor has installed the sink for us.... Before we moved in, I have noticed rust spots!!! Any idea how the rust spots are formed? And how can I remove them? Thanks in advance Regards mummybee
  4. There is a shop in IMM, (I think it's called Besglas). They have some nice glass doors for kitchens