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  1. DON'T buy Fanco. You will regret. I thrown mine away after 1 year. NO WIND. Lousy product!
  2. I bought mine from Kong Tai at Jurong West Ave 1 in Dec 10. They were selling the 4 blade V56Vk at $380 (if I recall correctly). Installation cost charged separately. So far so good. KDK is definitely one of the best (if not the best). I was using another brand previously and decided to remove it after 1 year cos there was no wind at all! A waste of money and time. There's someone selling KDK fans online at $295 and they can go to your place and install for you (additional installation fee). Understand that those are not under any local warranty (likely the seller brought the KDK fans in from JB or elsewhere). Beware. See www.kdk.com.sg for details on products.
  3. Also can add in the monthly payouts from CPF LIFE when you reach the drawn down age. A chunk of your CPF Retirement Account monies (transferred from the Special Account and Ordinary Account when you turn 55) will be used to buy the annuity.
  4. Hi Yes i had to pay $100 ademin fee too. Reason being the developer has to station a security guard at the gate while renovation is going on at the apartment. Normally there's no guard as it's auto-gate system. Many of the contractors or the furniture movers may not access otherwise. At least that was what happened at my apartment.
  5. Ah so you also very fengshui hor. It's true about the T-junction for Serennia. Last time I asked, they have about 3 or 4 units left. Every weekend the agents try to sell but I guess they have no luck. Every time tie balloons also no use. But I suppose if the unit is not facing the T junction should be ok? No? Ya I agree with the 4 - 5 storey thing about D15 area. My bedrooms can see the CBD skyline (partially) and fireworks wor, so nice. The crab is still at the coffee shop at Still Road but heard they have changed chef.
  6. I'm currently looking at D15 projects but many of the new ones are disappointing, rooms are way too small and can mostly squeeze in only a single bed in their other bedrms and the mbr is also just enough to put in a queen bed. Sad. And they are by no means cheap either. So may consider resale if the price and location is right. The Amery also looks good. The newer mass projects in Marine Parade and Amber are expensive, Silversea, The Shore and those recently TOP One Amber, The Esta. But then they come with sea view, so I guess that justifies the price tag. I'm also hoping to eventually shift to River Valley , so just using D15 as a stepping stone lah.
  7. You must be a property agent. $1.2k psf for serangoon??? $800 psf perhaps. Developers just testing water to see how high they can push the prices, just like when they trying to sell The Vision in West Coast at $1250 psf. Ridiculous. People who buy it, well, are naive lor.
  8. Hmm actually I also went to see the showflat and their floorplans. The bedrms are very small. How come you buy huh? Why didn't consider the other project Serennia at Pulasan Rd that's gonna TOP very soon? They were selling about $1.1mil + (can bargain some more) for 3 beds 1120 sq ft and 1066 sq ft (one of them is a dual-key unit). I like their big bedrms cos can put king size bed in the mbr. Koon Seng rd is very busy, at night it can be noisy too. By the way, i'm staying at the block behind your new place.
  9. Actually there's no such parking problem at One @ Pulasan. There are some cars parked outside the landed houses at Pulasan road but there are less of such landed houses now. It's Lorong Nangka, the small road from Still road to Pulasan road that has several cars lining the road. Traffic at pulasan road is good so far. New development such as Serennia likely to be completed in Q4 2010. Another new project Tivoli Grande at Koon Seng Road and Still road junction will commence construction end 2010.
  10. Wow. What a huge unit! No wonder you are looking forward to moving in. Should have cost you at least $2m for this place. I visited the showroom back in Feb 2009 to see Verte and Ambra. Verte is very nicely located next to the Siglap park connector and short walking distance to Kembangan mrt. Big units which also costs a lot more. I would consider combining the mbr and br 4 into one to have a walk-in wardrobe at br 4 and more space in mbr which would be REALLY nice. I'll be one of those people screaming (like in the Heineken tv ad) if you invite me there for housewarming someday. haha I had visited several of the showrooms and realised that indeed the units tend to be small with limited facilities (if any). TK also tends to get congested in the morning rush hours as there is only one road in/out and most of the times parked cars from landed houses lined the other side of the roads. Anyway, I live opp TK, at Pulasan Rd which is under Joo Chiat (Still Road separates TK and Joo Chiat). It is fairly quiet here and only the barking dogs irritate the residents here. Inconsiderate dogowners who walk their dogs late at night cause the dogs in landed houses to bark and thus a chain reaction of other dogs all joining in the choir sing-a-long. Pros: Many good food outlets (still road black pepper crab, Katong laksa and nonya food, see link for more eating places) http://sg.travel.yahoo.com/inspirations/10...clave?cid=today Good schools in the vincinity. Near to airport, East Coast, CBD (via Nicoll highway or ECP), Parkway Parade
  11. That's the arco lamp. I have one of it. You can get the replica from Novena Furniture (The White) at $199 + delivery fee (that was the promo price). Cheers
  12. You will first need to decide on the theme for your house that you like. Is it modern concept? Minimalist? Modern retro? resort? country style? Or just practical with lots of storage space (which is what most homeowners do). Speak to some IDs and get some ideas for a start. Know what is your budget of course. Compare the proposed charges from IDs vs contractors and see what you are more comfortable with. Good luck.
  13. Just wondering if anyone is able to offer some advice on re-financing? I'm wondering how it works. I currently co-own a condo with another co-owner. Suppose if we both do a re-finance on our current condo (loan was about 60% of purchased price previously), can we loan more money and increase our loan to get another condo unit (for investment)? Is that possible and how much will bank be able to loan me? Thank you!
  14. $28 is TOO MUCH! Take a look at mine, also a newly TOP (last Apr) 3 bedroom unit 1087 sq ft in Joo Chiat area. The entire place I did up (less bedroom 3 furnishings) cost me about $35k or so, fully furnished + all decorations I bought. Though my apt comes with fridge, microwave, in addition to the hood and nob and oven. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=22872 My id quoted me about $12k then for a new 3-bdrm condo. See what you want and don't get sweet-talked into doing those that you don't care for. Good luck! By the way, your curtains for the whole house will cost you a lot of moola! Cos lots of windows and you need privacy as all windows are facing someone else's window. Save the reno $ for the curtains/blinds.