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  1. Hi Ivy, Can kindly fwd me the bad n good fsm list? Reaaly need to ... Tqvm!!
  2. I've tasted once last year, the food is OK and I think quite pricey. I'm now love to visit the VEGIE SENSATION @ Serangon Rd and keep going back there for meals. It's really yummy and better for health as they don't use MSG!!
  3. Woww, you really got the bargain har.... chop price from 795 to 635psf.... I'm so envy ya.... that's really a bargain for such a nice layout and good size area! Is it a ground floor unit? So if you resale your unit now then you can earn yourself a FEW HUNDRED THOUSAND liao.... **rich** .. ..
  4. What about those cluster house, inter terrance type of landed? Don't these type of landed looked after by strata/management as well??
  5. Anyway, I'm juz curious to know why local prefer buying condo than landed? I've open a new topic, "If You Have 1.6m To Spend, To Choose Condo Or Landed?"
  6. Just curious, where around do you live? Do you like there? Recommend or not?
  7. I've seen 2-3 units of the Blue Coral Condo... Don't like it AT ALL. During the viewing, I juz asked myself how am I going to fit in the bed(s) and furnitures into the rooms. My existing furniture is juz normal size and not those super bulky one yet. For those common rooms, I really don't think it's a REASONABLE size of room... I don't know is the room(s) built for dwarf to live in or who?? Scary... I can't believe those architect can actually came up with this sort of final design and the developer actually accepted and built it as the final product!!
  8. Kellogs, Very nice layout of your unit leh... wow... no wonder you sounded so looking fwd to move in la~~ Congrates you have found a lovely unit for yourself and family. How long does it take you for the hunt? Just wondering how much did you pay for the PSF? What's the size area har....
  9. Dear all smart hunters, condo-owner and landed owner, If you had 1.6m to spend, would you rather spend on CONDO or LANDED?? I'm curious to know answer to the question above. Condo price is shooting week by week and yet Landed price is still keeping low (around $400-$600psf++). I believe there are alot of non foreigner, ie LOCAL is buying condo at all time. I don't understand since the local have the choice to landed but why they show more interested in Condo instead? Hmm... is it juz fore investment purpose only? Is just an open discussion ^____^
  10. Hi... Wish to find out is there any TK neighbours out there to share view for this topic? There are alot of boutique condos in the area, do you think you've chosen the best condo and happy to for your choice?