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  1. I was quoted $650k by ycm before I got this $400k quote fm a small builder. Seriously my place is 20 yrs old (old but not that old), and for 400k it wid be cheaper to get another place rather than rebuilding, but of cos we love the currently environment. For 2.5 storey rebuilding, many of the additional space are not very productive space like roof terrace. I actually add jus 1 bedroom.
  2. Hi, How do u actually calculate construction coSt? I was quoted $400k to rebuild my inter terrace fm 2200 to 3400sqft, fm 2 storey to 2.5 storey. There are piling involved apparently. So what's the cost/psf?
  3. Carpet is good, it buffers the fall as compared to marble which is very hard.
  4. Hi I am a newbie here and needing some help on A&A. My Inter Terrace is at bedok ria and all the houses here are 2 storeys (except some A&A to 2.5 storey for corner/semi but none for iter ter). I am planning to add another 2 bedroom + 1 toilet in the "3rd storeu space" between the roof & 2nd storey, and may need back extension on the 2nd floor to accomodate staircase. There are some huge horizontal concrete & I am wondering if this is the reason why none of the inter terrace build to 2.5 storey. Anyone can recommend contractors or have an idea how much will it cost? Appreciate the help.