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  1. A question from a audio noobie (me ) Just got myself a Denon M37 for bedroom use. I notice that there is a "tick" sound when i turn on the machine. Just like to know if this is normal? TIA
  2. Considering a Yamaha MCR-730 for my bedroom, any advices / feedback on this mini?
  3. I've come across this product, invisible grilles, which is basically wires instead of thick grilles. I'm considering this for my balcony. Anyone have experience with this grilles? Thanks
  4. Pomme, I used to stay at blk 33 so i know how the space in that area looks like. You have done wonder to your place. Its beautiful
  5. Got the bracket directly from the dealer but price same as Harvey Norman and Best. Just that the swivel type are not available at these mega store.
  6. Hi hv you found your Sanus bracket? I'm looking for the VMSA model.
  7. Sigh, going for my 1st appt next week. Was still hoping to get a 4 weeks for 2nd appointment.
  8. Any bros had any photos of wall mount speaker to share? Wd like to gather some ideas how it wd look like and points to note I was contemplating between speaker stand or wall mount for my rear speakers. Eventually i decided to go for wall mount to save some floor space.
  9. Sure, tat will be early April in 2010....
  10. Thx. I was so confused by the options available. Anyway the package i got comes with the MS Carnival, its an entry level system.
  11. Noted... have gave up the idea of soundbar, In fact i've placed a deposit for denon 1910 today
  12. wat is the room area suitable for soundbar?