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  1. I just want to share that over the past 5 years I have owned a Fujitsu air-con I had too many problems compared to my cousins who all did the standard thing and bought Mitsubishi. In addition, the agent who repairs Fujitsu air-con, WINfinity, are **** smart at charging you unnecessary charges and sending a technician "to check" and charge you $85 when they know it's an electrical problem and needs to be fixed by an electrician / installer. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FUJITSU AIR-CON.
  2. Whatever it is, do NOT engage GPLS Confinement. My wife and I hired them after seeing all the great testimonials on the site, but guess what? The company was sold a few months backs and only after the nanny started working for us, did I google on the company and found out that their license from MOM had been revoked. Basically, it's been one frustration after the other with this company. First the company promised to have a confinement nanny at our house the first day we're back, but on the first day back, they were unable to provide using the excuse that the nanny last minute fell sick while in the car on the way to our house. Our current nanny confirms that this company has trouble supplying nanny on time AND THAT THIS IS A VERY COMMON EXCUSE. I asked for an MC, they said they would give, but in the end they were unable to provide me an MC for the nanny that was supposedly sick. On the second day, we got a nanny who was good at handling the baby and good at cooking, but after 6 days ahd to go back to Malaysia. GPLS promised before taking out money that they have replacement nannies on standby, but this is complete BS. They wanted to make us wait 3 days until I called them up and threatened to suit. They over promise and under deliver. The current nanny has very poor skills and even uses hand phone while carrying or feeding the baby. When we complain to the company to change the nanny, they refuse to do so. The sales person Jeremy no longer answers his handphone, we get a message saying an SMS has been sent to him, but he doesn't call back. When we call the office, we either get voicemail or a junior office staff, who have no idea how to solve our problem and keep telling us we can't change the nanny. Before engaging GPLS, the sales person Jeremy came to our house and told us many wonderful stories, most of which they have not been able to deliver. - Nanny wasn't supplied on time - Nanny was only replaced after 1 day, not same day - and at first they wanted us to wait 3 days - Nanny has poor skills - GPLS refuse to replace nanny - Before getting our business, they mentioned many times that their customer service is what differentiates them and the competition. Yes, sure. It is probably MUCH WORSE than the competition.
  3. Personally I'm likely to go for Joven JH 35. 10 year leak warranty and price of $255 seems like a good deal, though the internal parts are only under warranty for one year.
  4. That's a good point. Thanks for sharing that info, because I didn't think about that. I've just downloaded the Joven brochure from their side and indeed they list 3kW/240V as "standard" and 1.5kW/230 V as Optional. better had that checked out, but I think my current Ariston might be 3kW too, because the previous owner's electrician actually took the power from one of the two power points meant for Air Con compressors, which is why I couldn't install two compressors. Maybe i should change to 1.5kW and have an electrnician re-route so in future i can install a second compressor if needed as 1 bedroom doesn't have AC.
  5. As posted in another thread, the seller of my flat installed an Ariston heater when she bought the flat 7 yrs ago. 3 days ago it started leaking rusty water. Today the plumber came and confirmed I had to replace the heater and that it wasn't the pipes. A few phone calls today revealed that the Ariston heaters seem to be very hit and miss. mostly unhappy reports, but I have the odd friend who have had one for ages and are happy. As for me, I can't bring myself to buy one seeing the rusty water discolour our tiles. 10 year leak warranty is the way to go.
  6. Hi Mace, I can see you're a long-time member, but I have to tell you the 7 year-old Ariston heater I inherited from my flat's previous owner is leaking rusty water. Now the floor tiles and wall tiles in the common toilet have a rusty colour after only 3 days since the leaking started. Am having the heater replaced on Friday and will most probably choose Joven due to their 10 year warranty on leaking. I used to have a good image of Ariston, but several of my friends all have problems with their products and sorry to say "Made in Italy" is not held in high regard in Europe when it comes to electrnoics. Maybe for cars motor cycles and fashion, but their electrnocs suck big time. Might as well buy made in Malaysia.
  7. Hi, I hope to get advice from the users on the forum who are real consumers and not copeitors. Anyway.... the shop Ackerman & Smith will be familiar to quite a few on the site. I recently bought a Napure mattress from them, but they were upfront about their claims. The sales person disclosed it was Malaysian made etc... Anyway... having tried a number of brands and a number of shops, we narrowed it down to either the Slumberland Tempsmart or the Napure 300. In the end my credit cards on the day couldn't accommodate the Napure 300 and we ended up getting the Napure 100. The problem is that I do get a good night's sleep on it once I fall asleep, but the mattress is totally bouncy. every slight move by either partner and the other one feels it. Problem is I don't think there's much I can do or do any of you have experience in how to negotiate with this form once you've taken delivery on their mattresses? I feel quite silly. Am usually quite steady when I buy, but we'd been mattress shopping the whole day and bought on impulse. same brand but not the model we were aiming for. Didn't have my other credit cards with me, so opted for the cheaper one. On the other had, I think this shop usually give the classic pillow a a freebie, but they charged us for it. ****..... like I said. Once we fall asleep, we do get a very good night's sleep and unlike my previous mattress, i wake up without backache which is awesome. it's just the wobliness which is irritating me.
  8. I'll put up some photos next week. Bassically, the electrician ran the audio cables therough my L-Box along the ceiling and magically come out behind the speakers on each side. The satellite speakers usually have a small metal bracket on the back and you can ang that onto a long nail or preferably a number 8 screw, I put rubber feet on the back of mine to minize vibration, which takes a little bit away from the looks, but will give more in return of sound and less rattling/vibration sounds.
  9. From what I hear, IDs make anywhere from 10% to 30% on a job. You got to think that the ID needs to earn, the ID's firm needs to earn..... Comparing quotes will give you an idea if an ID is way over the top or not. The headache of coordinating with contractors, giving them instructions in lingo they can understand, giving you feedback on which ideas will work and which will look gaudy.... kinda makes an ID worth it. (at least that's what I'm telling myself ) Since the all-in-one contractors which are praised on this site are always busy, you can try them if you have a few months to wait.
  10. Dude.... the 685 is only KIV in my wish list man. Let's see how I feel after I get my bonus, but priority is projector first. Actually I already have an InFocus IN-AUD projector, but that was more for the Nintendo Wii. Still... I could make due with that projector and maybe go for a better the B&W685 *gettingahardon* I 'll put up pictures next week. I'm using my 601s for front speakers and the rest of my setup will be my Bostons.
  11. Ha! I love the acronym! Yeah, at 3:30am, I somehow managed to read $35k and what does that say about Bose that i totally wouldn't surprised if they had an overpriced 35k home setup? I have to say that theid headpones are better value, but that's a different topic. I bought my current setup in 2000 while I was still in NS. I bought a Marantz CD pleayer (think 64MKII), a Rotel amp (70 watts per channel) and my B&W for about 2K with Ixos interconnects. Later added QED Silver. Anyway, moral of the story is that I have a lot of ang moh friends and so many of their parents had Bose systems in their big living roos (must have been a trend) and they were all wanking each other of about how good Bose sounds and I was always shaking my head thinking what a psychological effect marketing and salesmanship can have. On the Bose, Mark Knopfler's guitar sounded tinny ....scrap that, everything sounded tinny and harsh. Soundstaging....what stage? Balance.....what balance?! the bass sounded murky.... sigh..... I would always have to go home and refresh my ears with my system. Even Kopi Kat Klan sounds good on my system ;-)
  12. You're having a laugh, mate. I wouldn't put my bostons on anything above 50$ and would probably buy Ikea speaker stands for them No, no they are for my lovey Bowers and Wilkins. I got my electrician to wall mount my rear speakers (looks really nice by the way, with cables tucked into the L-Box. Sure to get some nice comments) and use my B&Ws as my front speakers as part of a 5.1 system.
  13. So did you every buy a projector? I'm now considering the Mitsubishi HC3800. got a decent price on it and found a dealer who has zero % installment with DBS cc.
  14. You have 35k to burn on audio equipment?!?!?!? Can vincenzo and I go audio shopping with you ...... *drool* B&W Nautilus series here we come.... *salivate* Right... if you went to the Harvey Norman at Milenia Walk I know which Yamaha you heard. The Silver setup outside the Yamaha room. What a beauty! Almost regretted buying my Denon, but knew in the back of my mind that the AVR 2310 does movies better, but the Yamaha on display sang so beautifully. Absolutely engaging and balanced with tight bass. Easily beats Bose any day! You gotta thin that Bose ave their own show room built specifically to make their systems sound awesome. the whole room is calculated to have the best accoustics for their systems and the pad the room and space it accordingly blah blah and yet that Yamaha at Harvey Norman is out in an open space and if you closed your eyes, yo'd think there was a flamenco guitarist in front of you. That's gotta rock. BTW... I'm serious about the listening party. If you ever need an extra pair of ears, I'll gladly offer my time and my tracy chapman, dire straits, eagles and incubus CDs
  15. We replaced the previous owner's white solid surface top which was yellow and stained with sexy Indian black galaxy worktop. Wow! what a difference. one of the best things we did with the new place.