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  1. Mine is at Woodyland..so price not as premium as yours. Fast?! Hehe didt feel so when the time past ever so slowly by.. But for the amount of work done, 7 wks not too bad I guess.
  2. For my unit, the contractor only do up to false ceiling/awning height. He said it's dangerous for his workers to do all the way to the top. Anywazs not so obvious after the new coat of paint...so oklah.
  3. Hi, Juz wanna share my reno experience which has completed aft abt 7 weeks.U may visit my blog. More picts coming up. Cheers!
  4. Paid 27k for my 20-yr-old EM in Woodlands. Original condition. Reno damage 54k with no design whatsoever but just basic overhaul of the unit. Changed everything except unit itself. Heartache when realise $$ fly just like that. But needed a bigger space for my kids n location is 15 min walk to amenities so not to bad. Wonder whether there's a thread for reno amount n the extent of work...
  5. Hi! Yest we confirmd w our contractor the misc stuffs like paint colours n laminate etc. Guess wat- the window grille we've chosen is the same as urs! Great minds think alike hor;)
  6. Tile @Foyer Tile @living room Common bathroom 1 Common bathroom 2 Master bedroom toilet
  7. Been so long. Things are now in warehouse. Engaged DNKH movers. Reno also started and progressing well. Below are some of the picts. Extended the utility room and decided to make another doorway to the kitchen. Sad that plastering work cannot be done for the walls outside the master bedroom:( Gonna miss the openness once awning comes... MR bathroom Common bathroom (2nd floor) More picts coming up..
  8. Oh dear, aft reading ur post m concern abt my new sink! It's not totally flat! N my contractor didnt warn me abt it. The guy who sold the sink said suitable for undermount. Sink frm Critzo-the one with 'waste container' on the right
  9. Hi Ummee, Ur kitchen has really transformed! Congrats. Ur hse layout is pretty much like mine. Looking forward to more picts.
  10. Hi! Another EM owner! We are getting ours too at Woodlands. Congrats!
  11. Tat will b nice but a wee bit out of our budget.
  12. Emailed them for quote but no one returned my call even though I did receive an email stating tat they would call me within 24 hrs. What luck. I believe sometimes it's just not meant to be...
  13. Wah Congrats! Phew...moving our belongings van be a nightmare. Did u use their storage facility? They fixed back the TV n bed? Can PM me ur mover's no? thanks a lot
  14. Hi, Ur last statement is very true. Now looking for mover w storage facility. This mover u engaged, did they provide free boxes? Dismantle and assemble too? Thanks yah