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  1. dont think its that expensive since the PE is involved.. make sure the wall is really hackable if not waste money
  2. To Mr K and Kelvin, My wedding is this Sat and I have already planned for the ceremoney to be held at my new house. This morning, we noticed water coming out from the Washing machine base and have taken some pictures. If this problem persist, we will not be able to hold the wedding there.
  3. 2 days to my wedding and water is seeping out from my washing machine base...
  4. did not do any shower step becausei scare will trip and fall.. the ledge is created using brick and cement then they use the tiles to cover up
  5. got it at about 1.5k.. but i wont recommend u the shop already.. they told me some branded wires for my front soeakers, in the end, they just gave me those above normal type.
  6. nothing yet.. but someone from the company say my case is escalated to their lawfirm.. something like their big boss and company lawyer is looking at my case.. maybe they all got heat stroke..
  7. so far , no regrets.. really happy with the purchase. Will upload if possible by sunday because we haven move in yet.
  8. so many weeks have passed.. no sign of any letters. Its funny how the word lawyer is often brought up in the renovation world even when the work is not nicely done up by the contractor. Good luck and happy renovating to those whom have signed up with my ID or the firm he is working with.
  9. hi Idealistic, I think the posting might have been deleted because there is no concrete proof to support the claim. If you compare to some other IDs, they are still ok. They will still entertain you despite making the final payment. I will not be posting until my case is over. They claim that the case has been escalated to their company lawyer. So, plese refrain from replyng to my posting.
  10. more pics .. before last sat touch up Paint cracked and drop off .. revealing 2 wrongly drilled screw..? patchy paint job
  11. Best way to bring down the cost is to control your temptation. For me, i excluded the shower screen because toilet too small and you need to really maintain it because the water will dry up and you will see spots.
  12. 1) Laminated flooring for one bedroom x 2 ( about 700 per bedroom? ) Yeah, about $700 2) Air-con system 3 -about 2k plus installation? depending on brand, 2k should be mitsubishi , u can try LG , should be cheaper 3) Typical 4 room flat with labour and wiring of existing lighting point including a rough cost of all the lightings? Maybe around 1k? lights should cost about 1k depending on how many downlights, covelights etc.. 4) Hob n Hoob - about 500? if u looking at slim hood.. 5) kitchen sink on the kitchen cabinet. $200 should be enough 6) Tempered glass shower screen for one toilet x 2? $500 7) Does a standatd BTO flat include toilet basin & sink in the master bedroom toilet? if not how much does it cost to install one on avg? Should have , if not $200-300 can get better looking ones 8) Price of avg cost of 2 instant heater for two toilet $300
  13. its not easy? but to have the conduit prepared is better to have non. Agree?
  14. ok.. dont worry too much.. they have different workers so u might get those better ones.