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  1. Managed to figure out how to load picture at last!! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. Hi, this is my first time blogging..hopefully it doesn't bore you
  3. I'm in Serangoon Ave 2 When is your estimate completion?
  4. Hi there, I, too engaged Wee Kuang from Wawe. Haven't start my t-blog though. Never start a blog before. Maybe try out tonight. I must say I really like your balcony timber flooring!! Looking forward to see more pictures!!
  5. Thanks Mae!! The ornaments are mainly in crystal & jade. Bepgof, wow yours very chim leh..will go ask my grandma..maybe she can interpret..
  6. will cleansing with mineral water be enough?
  7. I'm having this problem too. Am thinking extend the toilet and use the extended area to do a vanity top. Practical? Hacking of walls will be involved yah? Anyone tried before?
  8. Hi, Just curious how many of the forummers here engage fsm and what makes you decide to engage? You see, recently we just bought a resale flat. Not must history about this unit cos owner don't stay there at all, always use for renting. Not long ago i went geomancy.net to try out their free online calculator and seem like the new house door facing doesn't suit me. I thought of engaging a fsm to do a house audit but my husband quite against it. His argue points: 1) He used to have a friend who engaged fsm then things got really bad. (real case cos i know this person too) 2) What if fsm say got to sleep in kitchen/toilet how? must follow? (Don't think so leh) 3) What if need to buy this & that or build water feature etc? (Money not enough) 4) What if we are told to give away our pets? (No way) 5) Ignorance is bliss Well, so far my 'visiting' experience with this new house are quite ok, the vibes also not bad. Should I still be worried?
  9. Hi neighbour to be!! I'm waiting for my 1st appointment which will be in last week of september. I already got the keys though..heehee..currently sourcing for contractor as ID too ex. Pretty similar to your, my unit is in very original condition so need to renovate whole unit too. Hopefully can keep it within budget. Can you please share with me your quotation with wawa design? Also, did you engage any fengshui master before reno?
  10. How does bridging loan works? Can I use it for reno purpose as I just need to loan for 2 months.
  11. Hi Ivy, Can you pm me the list too? Many thanks!!
  12. Hi there,

    I saw some of your posting on your home reno.

    Can you recommend me your contractor?

    Many thanks!!

  13. Hi everyone, I have a question on open door ritual. You see, we're getting a resale unit and it's vacant as tenant moved out sometime ago. Owner says can let us have the keys for renovation 1st once we exercise OTP if we're in a hurry. Say if he really give us the keys after OTP, does it mean that once we enter the unit with the key is already considered 'open door'? Then how about if we sign the OTP in the unit and he pass us the keys on the spot? Is that also counted as open door?